Thursday, February 25, 2016

Scott Walker Tried to Save the Country

When Scott Walker ended his presidential campaign last September, he highlighted the importance of clearing the field. He urged others to follow his lead.

SCOTT WALKER: Today, I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. With that in mind, I will suspend my campaign immediately.

I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current frontrunner. This is fundamentally important to the future of the party and - ultimately - to the future of our country.
That was way back in September.

Not enough of the Republican presidential wannabes shared Walker's wisdom.

It took forever for long shots to drop out of the race.

Here we are in February, and some candidates, like John Kasich and Ben Carson, still continue to siphon off votes.

So, we have Trump poised to become the Republican nominee, thanks to that flock of egomaniacs.

Time to panic, I think.

This could not have played out worse than it did.

Pundits on the Right kept elevating Trump by slamming his supporters. The more they pushed and insulted Trump and his supporters, the more those people pushed back. No one did the right thing. No one compromised. No one would back down.

The Trump haters created the Trump candidacy, much the way the Scott Walker haters, those crazed protesters, created Walker, elevating him to become a respected national figure and make history rather than tearing him down.

Call them Establishment Republicans. Call them out of touch. Call them arrogant. Call them control freaks. I call them stupid. They kept alienating voters.

And here we are.

You reap what you sow.

They blew it.

We have those selfish candidates to blame, the ones that cared more about being in the spotlight than doing what was best for the country.

We have the stubborn, loudmouthed, name-calling Trump haters to blame, the ones that chose to mock rather than persuade in a respectful manner.

Their extended temper tantrum, their childish hissy fit thoroughly backfired.

What a disgraceful display! What a mess!

If the people give Trump the Republican nomination, then the Establishment Republicans will do all they can to elect Hillary Clinton.

Anybody but Trump, right?

No backing down.

I am genuinely concerned about our future. It's a bad dream. This isn't funny anymore. The unthinkable appears to be happening.

The people made their wishes known in the 2010 and 2014 elections, giving the Democrats well-deserved shellackings.

How did Republican lawmakers respond?

They failed to deliver. They didn't stick to the plan. They broke promises. The people understandably grew frustrated with them and with the process.

Enter Trump.

Many people are obviously desperate for strong leadership. They're so desperate that they are apparently content to accept Trump's role-playing as the answer.

Of course, the ultimate responsibility for Trump's ascendancy goes way, way back to the alleged conservatives that sat out the 2012 election and gave Obama a second term.

Of course, many Establishment Republicans have declared they will not vote for Trump, the fraud, vowing to sit out 2016 rather than debase themselves.

Of course, and here's the rub, not casting a vote for the Republican candidate is the same as casting a vote for the Democrat candidate, likely Hillary.

Once again, conservatives are CHOOSING to present the American presidency to the Leftists.

Principles? What principles?

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