Monday, March 28, 2016

Charlie Sykes Interviews Trump

This will be interesting.

Trump's camp must know where Charlie Sykes stands. He can't stand Trump and he mercilessly mocks his supporters. His "Right Wisconsin" outlet endorsed Ted Cruz.

Trump is definitely wading into hostile territory, but apparently he doesn't find Sykes as threatening as the likes of Megyn Kelly.

Maybe Sykes will seize the opportunity and try to get Trump to talk substance on issues. That would be a smart way to really achieve something of value with the interview.

Given the extent to which Sykes openly despises Trump, with such complete clarity and conviction, it's kind of funny that Trump is giving Sykes the gift of increased ratings and national attention.

Will the "Trumpkins" claiming to have bailed on Sykes tune in for this interview?

I think they will.

They, no doubt, will be hoping Trump humiliates Sykes.

It shouldn't be forgotten that Trump benefits when he's attacked in the media. Maybe that's the result Trump's campaign is hoping to realize with this interview. Who knows?

I really don't expect any fireworks, from Trump or Sykes.


UPDATE: Here's audio of the interview.

Sykes came out swinging and didn't let up. He called Trump a "bully on the playground" and made a reference to how a "real man" should behave. I was surprised he was so combative and spent so much time on the Heidi Cruz thing. Sykes delivered some sound bites.

Trump stayed calm throughout and didn't take the bait.

Trump claimed he didn't know that Sykes is part of the #NeverTrump contingent. That may be but I can't believe Trump didn't know Sykes has been attacking him for months.

Right-wing reaction to the interview has been positive, praising Sykes for his tough questions.

I'm sure none of Trump's supporters were rattled by the exchange. Perhaps undecided Wisconsin voters were swayed a bit.

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