Friday, March 11, 2016

'Gay Twitter'

Hillary Clinton put her foot in her mouth. Then, the New York Times did her a favor.

The New York Times, creator of "white Hispanic," has a new term: "Gay Twitter."

From The Wrap:

No sooner had the New York Times coined the term “gay Twitter” to describe online backlash to a Hillary Clinton statement about Nancy Reagan than that very story prompted an online backlash of its own.

“There’s a gay twitter?” one commenter quickly tweeted.

The fuss started with the Times’ story — published online on Friday and initially headlined “Hillary Clinton Lauds Reagans on AIDS. Gay Twitter Erupts” — about the Democratic presidential frontrunner apologizing for comments she made about Nancy Reagan’s “effective, low-key advocacy” of HIV/AIDS.

LGBT advocates noted that both Ronald and Nancy Reagan have been widely criticized for ignoring the AIDS epidemic, which started during Reagan’s second year in office — prompting Clinton to walk back her initial praise for the former first lady, whose funeral was held on Friday.

The New York Times piece was correct about one thing… Twitter soon erupted, but it wasn’t so much about Clinton’s head-scratching apology. It was about the Times itself, whom some online commenters called insensitive in its terminology.
I'm sure those in Hillary's camp are happy to push the "gay Twitter" controversy to take the attention off her AIDS remarks.

Consider the criticism the Times is getting.

Now, can you imagine what would be happening if Trump or Cruz or any Republican/conservative used that term?

There would be tremendous outrage and massive protests.

Wait. Protesters are already outraged and successfully shut down a Trump rally in Chicago.

Well, I'm sure there would be even more outrage and more protests.

The New York Times would probably cover the "gay Twitter" eruption.

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