Friday, March 11, 2016

Gordon Bradley's Statement

Rebecca Bradley's ex-husband, Gordon Bradley, sent the following statement to WTMJ:

"I am Gordon Bradley. Rebecca Bradley and I were married for 8 years and divorced in 2004.

I am outraged by the story in the Journal Sentinel accusing my former wife of having an extra-marital affair.

Not only is their headline a lie, they knew it before they printed it.

I told their reporter Patrick Marley that we were separated at the time of the relationship when he emailed me about it yesterday. They didn’t even bother to print my quote.

Running a false headline is both malicious and despicable.

Rebecca is truly a kind, gracious and generous person. We remain close personal friends. Our marriage just didn’t work out but we still very much love and respect one other. That’s why it pains me to see the state’s largest newspaper determined to assassinate her character.

The Journal Sentinel has become a pawn of Joanne Kloppenburg and her liberal Madison friends who will say and do anything to tear Rebecca down. And apparently the Journal Sentinel has decided to run any story they are fed, whether it’s true or not.

As a former Milwaukee police detective, and one of the people who knows Rebecca best, I urge everyone to reject these outlandish accusations.

The best way reject the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's outrageous behavior is to support Rebecca Bradley for the Supreme Court."

The Leftists at the Journal Sentinel have lost it.

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