Friday, March 25, 2016

Tom Barrett: Stealing Cars in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett made some stunning remarks during his debate with Bob Donovan on Wednesday, March 23.

Barrett put the word out that he "understands" stealing a car once or twice. In his mind, the third time is the problem.

What? WHAT?

Here's video. Barrett's insane car theft comments come at around 9:00 minutes.


TOM BARRETT: Look, I understand if someone steals a car once, you can make the argument it's a joy ride. Second time, if there's no gun involved, you can even say it then. but when you get to the third time, there has to be consequences. I'm not saying you send them to Lincoln Hills, because that has issues; but there has to be consequences if someone is out there stealing a car a third time.
Barrett goes on to say that he's not seeing criminals punished for the third car theft.

This guy wants to be reelected while admitting that car theft goes unpunished on his watch.

Barrett stands for the opposite of the "Broken Windows" theory.

These remarks should make every Milwaukee voter turn their backs on Barrett and vote for Donovan.

Unless, of course, you support stealing a couple of cars with impunity, with some undetermined sort of consequences after the third offense. Then, Barrett is your guy.

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