Monday, May 16, 2016

Reince Priebus: 'People Just Don't Care'

Do you know what's really painful?

This back and forth sniping among Republicans.

I wish that would stop NOW.

What the hell is Priebus supposed to do? Just pull out a bowl of Lucky Charms and Bailey's?

The American people voted. They chose Trump to be the Republican nominee. That's what happened. That's how it played out. Priebus can't just refuse to accept the result of the process. He can't "stop now." That crap really ticks me off. Good grief.

None of those all-powerful talking heads/pundits/talk radio Svengali types, the ones allegedly responsible for giving us our marching orders, consolidated support around an alternative to Trump.

And what are they doing now? Complaining about dealing with the reality of the situation. The reality is Trump won the nomination.

It may be painful, but Priebus can't be expected to negate reality.

Trump won.


That's not an option. Should he resign? Leave the country? What?

"Stop now" and do what, Charlie???

Priebus can't ignore the will of the people. Elections have consequences.

Without question, this is a nightmare. Everything about it is a nightmare. Everyone is driving me crazy.

The insufferable Never Trump people are really driving me crazy.

Yes, we know you plan to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. No need to keep reminding us.

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