Thursday, July 21, 2016

Charlie Sykes and Ann Coulter Interview

SO entertaining.

Charlie Sykes interviewed Ann Coulter.

I suspect the audio will be highlighted on the 620 WTMJ website. If not, the interview took place during the first half of the third hour of the show.

He stayed true to his recent MSNBC form.

He started off the interview by calling Coulter a racist.

I loved her response. She defended herself and said, "F U."

Sykes responded by commenting on Coulter's thin skin.

Yeah, Sykes has gone totally MSNBC native.

He managed to exhibit more self-control during his interview with Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch yesterday, but he was still snarky at times.

Clearly, with Coulter, Sykes wanted more of that national Lefty acceptance by attacking Coulter with the Left's favorite assault - RACIST.

Referring to her support of Trump, Sykes said Coulter "went nuts." She countered that he "went nuts."


Later, in response to more of the Sykes drivel, Coulter said, "You are pulling out every cheap trick."

It was hilarious to hear Sykes be surprised that she would take offense to his Leftist attacks.

HE CALLED HER A RACIST, and then did take it back, to which she replied, "Thank you."

Then there was discussion of the title of her new book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!

Sykes commented that she replaced God with Trump, as if she has given up her Catholicism for Trump, worshipping a false idol.

That may have been what elicited the "cheap trick" comment.

How many instances of "In [fill in the blank] we trust" are there? Does "In cheese we trust" sound familiar? Yes, it's funny, not a literal refutation of God.

Good grief.

I enjoyed the interview. It was a microcosm of the divide in the Republican party - the drift to the Left (Sykes) and the swing to the Right (Coulter).

Absolutely delightful.


Here come the Sykes retweets!

Coulter is evil! Is that worse than racist? Same? Not sure. I know it's not good.

Oh. Commenting on Coulter's body, mocking her weight? Is that out of line and being a bit disrespectful to a woman? Kind of Trump-ish?

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