Friday, July 29, 2016

David Clarke Interviews Trump - SCHOOL CHOICE

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was sitting in for Mark Belling on Thursday.

He talked with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. They discussed a variety of topics including law enforcement, terrorism, immigration, and school choice.

Listen to the interview here.

Hey, Never Trump people!

Hillary is no school choice advocate. She's an opponent.

Can you admit that Trump is the better candidate when it comes to school choice?

DONALD TRUMP: It's one of the great things we can do for education. And frankly, you'll never see it on the other side, the Democrats. It's one of the great things we can do for our children for education, where you have choice. That means you have competition, and it's been proven to work so many different times. I am totally in favor of choice on education. Some of the greatest people in the world on education have studied it, written about it, and really, I mean closely. It's something that really works. So, I'm for choice.

Mr. Trump, your opponent, Mrs. Bill Clinton, opposes the voucher program; and that says a lot to me in terms of her character, that she won't allow struggling parents-- She got to send her kid to the best schools. Good for her. President Barack Obama, his two kids go to Sidwell Friends. Good for them. You've sent your kids to good schools. You're the only one though that says, 'Hey, you know what? Other people should be able to get their beak wet, too.' And helping them end this generational poverty. I think that says a lot about your character as well.
Never Trump means having Hillary as president, opponent of school choice.

So much for conservative principles, Never Trumpkins.

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