Friday, July 29, 2016

David Clarke Schools Never Trump Crowd

This is terrific.

David Clarke attempts to give the Never Trumpkins a wake-up call.



Audio here.

DAVID CLARKE: I understand there are a lot of people, a lot people, who have concerns about Donald Trump, on our side. I mean by 'our side' conservative side. I'm not a member of the Republican party, but Republican voters when I say 'our side' and conservatives. I understand that. It's your vote. You do what you want with it. But, I want to give you some things to think about. That's all I want to do is give you a couple things to think about if you're one of these Never Trumpers or whatever you want to say, 'I'll never vote for either of them.' That's fine. It's your vote. You do what you want with it.

But, do this. Put yourself through a little test.

Take your ego out of it, first of all; because that's what I've done. I keep saying this isn't about me. This is not about me. Put your country first. Just try it. Take your ego out. Put your country first. Now have the conversation, because I'm tired of hearing about this principled conservatism. I know what a conservative is. I know what I am.

Here's what being a conservative means to me:

I believe in limited government. How do you limit government? Restrain federal bureaucracy and lower taxes. The more money you send to Washington the bigger their appetite gets, and the bigger government grows.

I believe in military superiority.

I believe that the Constitution protects individuals. These are individuals liberties. You don't derive your constitutional protections out of membership in a group. They're individual rights.

I believe in the rule of law. That is the hallmark of the United States Constitution, the bedrock. It's what I talked about in my speech last week. When I wrote that speech, all they said to me was 'the theme is Making America Safe Again. We'd like to have you share your experiences as it relates to the rule of law.' Go back and listen to the speech. Not because it was great or anything. The whole thing was, the theme of my speech was the rule of law. It's very important to me.

And finally I believe in more rights for the states.

That's what it means to me, ladies and gentlemen. It could mean something different to you, and I know there's all these other things. And I'm not saying those are not important, and I'm not saying that those don't make you conservative, or make you more conservative. I don't say I'm more conservative than anybody. I just say I know what it means to me. But I've taken myself out of the equation.

I sat back and watched that primary process. And when it came to Wisconsin, I got approached by the Kasich camp, the Cruz camp, met Cruz, face to face, the Trump camp. They all asked for an endorsement. I said I'm staying out of it. I said that publicly. I said that on my podcast six, seven, eight months ago. I said I'm not endorsing.... I said I'm staying out of it. I want the voters, I want the process, the primary process to determine who wins this thing. And I said I will support and I will vote for whoever is standing at the end.

Folks, it's Donald Trump. I didn't know that. Personally, I liked Scott Walker at the beginning, Carly Fiorina. There were a number of qualified...but who's standing at the end?

So, I took myself out of it by not endorsing, gave myself some breathing room.... I took my ego out of it, and I want to put my country first....

So when I hear people talking about principled conservatism, I go, 'Well, you know what? Stop yourself.'

We all know what it means to be a conservative, and it means different things to different people. And you could tell me what it means to you, and I wouldn't say you're wrong. But I'd say, 'Take yourself out of it. Get off your high horse with this principled conservatism.' Because the GOP Congress right now is not exhibiting principled conservative behavior....

You let the voters down, at the midterms, after 2014. You let them down, and they're pissed. And they showed their discontent. And it led to the rise of Donald Trump, who tuned into that discontent. Any of those other sixteen or so candidates could have done it, but they didn't. Don't blame Donald Trump for that. Blame the candidates who couldn't connect with the voters. That's their job.

So if you do those two things -- just put your ego aside, because your guy didn't win or your woman - I like Carly Fiorina - I say 'guy,' I use that neutrally, because they didn't win. Well, yeah, OK. Shame on them. Because politics is about connecting with the American people. Trump knows how to do that. He has that skill. What? Do you want to knock him for it? Everyone else had just as much chance as he did....

I'm telling you right now the Supreme Court is going to be shaped with the next couple of appointments, and it's going to change this country for the next forty to fifty years, which is why I say put your country first.

PUT YOUR COUNTRY FIRST. Get off the high horse.
Principled conservatism?


It's idiotic to claim to be Never Trump AND Never Hillary. It's impossible without a viable third party candidate.


It's the Supreme Court, stupid.

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