Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trump and Saddam Hussein

I am beyond sick of some alleged conservatives aiding and abetting Hillary and Obama and the Leftists.

For months and months, they've been pounding away at Trump.

They spend at least as much energy cutting down Trump as they do Hillary and Democrats. Let's face it. They devote more time to their hatred of Trump than their opposition to Hillary.

Trump says, "Saddam Hussein was a bad guy right? He was a bad guy, really bad guy."

He goes on to say that Saddam Hussein did something well. He was good at killing. He's right. Saddam Hussein knew how to kill. The evil man knew how to get rid of his enemies.

Why must these alleged conservatives rip Trump for that comment?

For the love of God, focus on the atrocity of Hillary's egregious behavior and her gross mishandling of classified information and the absurdity of Jim Comey recommending no charges.

Fact: Saddam was good at killing. Horrific, but true.

Fact: Republicans are great at losing. Pathetic. True.

John McCain refused to hit Obama for his radicalism, and lost.

Mitt Romney refused to hit Obama for the 9/11/12 terrorist attack in Benghazi, and lost.

Now, instead of hitting Hillary for her CRIMES, some Republicans, yapping media voices, are slamming the presumptive Republican nominee, not for failing to hit Hillary hard regarding her CRIMES but for calling Saddam Hussein a good killer.

Good job, Republicans/conservatives. Really good job at losing. AGAIN.

I can't stand it.

Bottom line: Trump's "missteps," and there have been many, aren't as bad as Hillary's CRIMES and corruptness. Nonetheless, many Republicans/conservatives are doing their best to elect Hillary.

It sickens me to know that they will succeed.

Why talk anymore?

Let's just give up now. Surrender now.

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