Monday, August 29, 2016

Hillary and the Media

The Leftist media are a joke.

If you have a functioning brain, you have to know they serve as arms of Hillary Clinton's campaign.

It's not wrong to criticize the Leftist media for their Baghdad Bob-ness.

Hillary's feet should be held to the fire by those outlets for her corruption. There's no need to dig deep to uncover Hillary and her crookedness and criminality. Her mountains of scandals and her many flaws are in plain sight. Instead of behaving like journalists and grilling her, the Leftist media spend their time propping Hillary's feet up on fluffy pillows.

And now, rather than calling out these Hillary hacks, we're getting analysis of the failings of the conservative media and a load of navel-gazing.

Example: Charlie Sykes' current career path. Of course, he continues on his anti-Trump crusade, while promoting his book. More sleazy, however, is his choice to appeal to the Leftists by trashing his conservative audience. Not surprisingly, Sykes is being embraced by the Leftists for his "intelligence."

It's frustrating to witness. So much about this election is frustrating.

Expending energy on examining the conservative media right now is an inexcusable misdirection of resources. It's lunacy. It's as if this election has become a contest to lose as many Republican races as possible via a shameful display of ego. Pure lunacy.

"Donald Trump broke the conservative media"?

Not even close.

Trump is Trump, going about being Trump.

If the conservative media have been broken, it's not Trump's handiwork.

Some members of the conservative media, the exploiters, are merely revealing their own brokenness.

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