Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mike Pence and Charlie Sykes

Rabid Leftist Lawrence O'Donnell really likes Charlie Sykes. The feeling appears to be mutual. Sykes seems to enjoy being a fixture on MSNBC, propaganda outfit for Hillary Clinton and the Left.

Once again, Sykes showed up on MSNBC with O'Donnell, more TV time for Sykes - one of the perks of being a useful idiot for the Democrats.

Ooh! How exciting!

Actually, I don't think "useful idiot" applies to Sykes. He must know that he's just being a tool. He has to realize that Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, as well as the CNN Leftists, are using him to help elect Hillary. Sykes obviously doesn't have a problem with that.

He is playing his Never Trump shtick to the hilt.

Sykes even refused to control himself while interviewing Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence. Right out of the gate, he stated his Never Trump-ism and played a clip of Donald Trump calling him a dope.



That's how he begins an interview with the Republican vice presidential nominee? Talk about the issues, not such silly, self-serving, ego-stroking crap.

Pence, a class act, didn't stoop to Sykes' snarky level. He responded to Sykes' questions, ones that I could picture a Hillary mouthpiece asking, with a great deal of composure.

Sykes insisted that Pence stay on defense. It was crystal clear that Sykes wants to hurt Trump. He didn't stray from his agenda. Pence, for his part, was poised and patient.

Here's a portion of the interview:
CHARLIE SYKES: Can you or anyone else get Mr. Trump to stop saying crazy and offensive things for the next three months?

GOV. MIKE PENCE: [Laughs] Well...uh, you know, you always hear these rumors. I guess it makes for good fodder on the Internet. I'll tell you this campaign is head down, going after it hard. I'm actually about to get on a plane to fly to Detroit. And just get ready, Charlie. You and a lot of your listeners are going to be very, very excited to hear the economic growth plan that Donald Trump lays out today at the Detroit Economic Club. Every major conservative, going back to Ronald Reagan, has used that platform to lay out a growth agenda and...

SYKES: [Interrupting Pence in mid-sentence] But can you get him to stay on issues like that? Can you get him to stay on the economy, on Hillary Clinton, without saying the crazy and offensive things?
It's as if Sykes wasn't listening to Pence at all, just wanting to get in more shots at Trump.

Pence tried to direct Sykes to be less adversarial. Pence was definitely the adult in this exchange.

PENCE: Well, what I would tell you is we got through our convention, which by the way I thought was a terrifically successful convention. I think the Democrats had an OK convention and got the bump you would expect them to get. We are now moving in the direction of the fall campaign and rapidly approaching Labor Day. And so, I think starting today in Detroit, and frankly, on a regular basis going forward, you're going to see Donald Trump laying out specific policy proposals for how we rebuild this country at home and abroad.

SYKES: So there is a pivot. What you're saying is now there's going to be a pivot from the old, undisciplined Donald Trump to the new, presidential, on message Donald Trump?

PENCE: Well, people can characterize it. I think what you're going to witness is what's been planned all along, and that is once we get the conventions in the rear view mirror then we begin to lay out very specific policies. I've got to tell you, Charlie, the speech today - I was going over it last night with the team - it's going to be harkening back to the days of Ronald Reagan in terms of how we unleash the enormous and boundless potential of the American economy through tax relief, regulatory reform, repealing ObamaCare, and driving forward with the kind of policies that created the longest peace time expansion in American history. I'm very encouraged about it. You're going to continue to see those policies...

SYKES: I am anxious to hear it.
Pence tried to talk about the issues. Sykes tried to avoid all issues other than his mission to push Trump as a total disgrace and apparently worse than Hillary.

Pence showed great composure given the snark Sykes showed him.

Speaking of "crazy and offensive things," have you heard some of the "crazy and offensive things" Sykes has said about Trump and his supporters during his own program and during his appearances on the Leftist pro-Hillary networks?

Sykes is abandoning level analysis for outrageous remarks, like Republicans are drinking the "orange Kool-aid" or "Cheetos Duce" or "weapons-grade incompetence," that goofs repeat on Twitter. Of course, Sykes retweets the stuff.

I don't hear Sykes focusing on Hillary Clinton and what a disaster she would be for the economy. I don't hear him sticking to the issues. No fun in that. Don't expect a desperately needed "pivot" from Sykes.

It's unfortunate that Sykes didn't offer Pence, the Republican vice presidential nominee, the sort of platform he deserved or the respect.

The recorded interview was aired on Sykes' Monday morning program.

Listen to the audio:

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