Sunday, September 18, 2016

Chelsea 'Intentional' Explosion

From BBC News:
At least 29 people have been injured in an explosion in the Chelsea district of New York City, officials say.

The cause of the blast late on Saturday remains unclear. Mayor Bill de Blasio described it as "intentional" but said that there were no known links to terror.

The force of the blast blew-out windows and could be heard several blocks away.

Officials later told media that a device was found at a second location in the same district.

None of the injuries is life-threatening but one is serious, New York's fire commissioner said.

...Mr de Blasio said: "We do not see a link to terrorism." He said it was too early to determine the cause but added: "We believe it was intentional."

He also said there was no evidence of a link to a pipe bomb explosion in neighbouring New Jersey hours earlier.

Law enforcement officials said that the device found at the second Chelsea location appeared to be a pressure cooker attached to wiring and a mobile phone.
What does this mean? "We do not see a link to terrorism."

It's not reassuring to for de Blasio to say that. This bombing was a terrorist act.

Someone intentionally injured 29 people. The intention was to do harm, kill or injure random people.

Does de Blasio mean Islamic terrorism, no apparent link to that movement?

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