Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary and Jimmy Fallon: 'Homeless Person'

Hillary Clinton was Jimmy Fallon's guest on Monday's Tonight Show.

Looking for video, I discover that the episode was taped.

This was posted on September 17:

Yup, that's what Hillary wore and that's what Fallon did - the surgical mask, the Purell.

Early in the interview, they did a lame rehearsed little bit about what Donald Trump, Fallon's guest last Thursday, had left in the dressing room. It was a brown paper bag. What's in it?

There was a photo of Putin in a heart-shaped frame. Fallon said, "That's not Melania, is it?"

There was a CD, Pink Floyd's The Wall. Picking up the CD, Hillary said, "That's as close as he's gonna get to the wall."

Hillary then took the brown sack.

HILLARY CLINTON: Let me see what else you've got in here. This is a pretty beat-up bag.

JIMMY FALLON: I guess he carries that around with him.

CLINTON: It's like a homeless person's bag.

[She pulls out a mesh bag containing softballs.]

CLINTON: Oh, look, you know what? He left these for you - softballs.

FALLON: No, that was my gift to him.
Hillary followed that up with a discussion of her years playing softball, before getting into some absurd/false statements.

I think her joke about the "homeless person's bag" was in very poor taste. Mocking the homeless? If she intended to take a shot at Trump, she did so at the expense of the homeless.

Those liberals -- so sensitive.


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