Friday, October 21, 2016

Al Smith Dinner - Trump and Hillary, Video

From UPI:

After the speeches, analysts drew contrasts between this year's dinner and the interplay of previous presidential candidates roasting each other, pointing out that Clinton and Trump appear to actually not like each other, which made their time behind the podium sound more bitter than playful.

Yes, there was a lot of bitterness.

Both Trump and Hillary were really nasty.

They can't stand each other.

Trump received some boos.

Hillary received just one, when she said, "Donald really is as healthy as a horse, you know, the one Vladimir Putin rides around on."

Apparently, the crowd was more pro-Hillary, a lot of mainstream media people in attendance as well as Democrat New York politicians. She was just as tough on him as he was on her. Hillary didn't go high.

The elephant in the room: Hillary and the vicious anti-Catholic stuff from her campaign.

Cardinal Dolan has called for Hillary to distance herself from the comments and apologize.

Still waiting.

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