Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Marquette Pro-Life Display Vandalized

Of course, we all know Marquette University is losing its Catholic identity.

A pro-life memorial on campus being vandalized is not surprising, nor is it surprising that the university's president, Michael Lovell, is basically MIA.

From the Daily Caller:

Activists at Marquette University in Wisconsin defaced a pro-life protest at the school and then boasted of their deed on Facebook, winning praise from the school’s College Democrats chapter.

On Thursday, the organization Marquette for Life erected a “Memorial for the Unborn,” a display that used 1,200 small blue and pink flags to represent the 1.2 million abortions in the United States each year. Accompanying the flags was a display board that explained the memorial and its purpose.

Within hours, though, the memorial was defaced by opposing activists who covered the display board with their own signs bearing statements like “We want doctors, not missionaries” and “My body, my freedom.” They also scattered a pile of wire coat hangers around the display, representing the use of such coat hangers in illegal home abortions.

After the display was defaced, Marquette student Clare McCullough went on Facebook and publicly proclaimed the defacement as the response of Marquette’s feminist community, while slamming the Catholic university for allowing the display to be created in the first place.

Marquette feminists were disturbed by the pro-life display, condemning it as "damaging to the mental health of students" and a case of "public shaming."

I wonder if those feminists are concerned about the damage done to human beings by abortion. Apparently not.

From Campus Reform:

Marquette’s feminism club has now publicly condemned Thursday’s pro-life display at the Catholic institution as “damaging to the mental health of students” and an act of “public shaming.”

The “Marquette Empowerment” student group—which “strives to maintain an environment in which each individual opinion is valued”—slammed the pro-life display as a means of “stigmatizing abortion” in a letter Sunday, though the statement also offered a half hearted condemnation of students who vandalized the display with pro-abortion literature.

“The ‘Memorial of the Unborn’ is a display which directly undermines this healing by further stigmatizing abortion,” the letter states. “Rather than fostering discussion and understanding, the display is damaging to the mental health of students and a disturbing act of public shaming.”

As Campus Reform initially reported, the annual pro-life display put on by “Marquette for Life” was vandalized and defaced, an act which was later celebrated by the school’s College Democrats.

Now, Marquette Empowerment is criticizing the Catholic institution for its stance on abortion, even celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Planned Parenthood in its letter.

...The letter concludes by mocking “the harmful nature” of the previous year’s pro-life display, which “employed crosses to emulate a ‘fetus graveyard.’”

After several students apparently complained to the school’s administration about the crosses, Marquette for Life decided to use pink and blue flags in their place, but still faced criticism this year for promoting “the gender binary.”
This is insane.

Crosses bring complaints? Any student choosing to attend Marquette should be prepared to see Christian/Catholic symbols.

The "Marquette for Life" group tried to respond to the cross criticism by replacing the "offensive" crosses with flags.

Not good enough. The pink and blue flags are hostile, denoting "the gender binary."


Marquette University still sells itself as a Catholic institution. It needs to act like one.

Certainly, a pro-life student group, reflecting the values of the Church, should be free to express themselves. The vandalism should be strongly condemned by university officials and students alike.


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