Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mike Pence Wins VP Debate

I expected Mike Pence to have a great night.

He did.

DEMOCRAT Tim Kaine did not.

He was flustered and flailing. Kaine clearly used a page from Joe Biden's 2012 debate playbook. Like Biden did with Paul Ryan, Kaine constantly interrupted Pence.

Kaine came off like a buffoon, just like Biden did.

Without a doubt, Kaine had a mission-- to pound away at Trump on taxes and his comments about women and everything else. He looked terribly uncomfortable doing it, but he did it nonetheless. He came off as shady. He seemed weak rather than bullying. He was awkward and unconvincing.

I knew Pence would do well. I've heard him handle adversaries masterfully. When the hostile Never Trump guy Charlie Sykes interviewed Pence a while back, Pence was unflappable, making Sykes appear small and silly.

I knew Pence would remain under control and Kaine would implode.

Pence remained strong and steady throughout the debate. Pence won on points. He won on style.

Kaine lost on points. He lost on style. Kaine was not presidential at all.


Scott Walker played Tim Kaine in Pence's debate prep.

I can't imagine Walker acting like Kaine did, but Pence was obviously prepared.

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