Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bill Penzey Email: Art of Hope - Cooking Trumps Racism

Bill Penzey, spice guy, is addressing his band of Trump haters again, encouraging them to "embrace hope" to cope with their sadness and sense of loss following the election.

Penzeys Spices November 30, 2016, email:

Subject line: The Art of Hope

Art. Paragraphs are great, but sometimes just a word or two carried in the strength of art can say so much more. Wisconsin six years ago was the testing grounds for what we now see unfolding in our nation’s capitol. I understand from your emails the sadness, and the honest sense of loss many of you are feeling right now. I wish I could tell you to take your time to heal, but I can't. In Wisconsin, most of the damage to our economy, our environment and our children's futures happened in those first few months when all-too-many of us had lost our grasp on hope. So here's the Penzey family Thanksgiving weekend art project. Embrace Hope.

On our Facebook page, someone was hoping our Cooking trumps Racism image (yes Cooking trumps Sexism is in the works) was going to become bumper stickers, mugs, etc. I thanked them, but said sorry, no, as much as this message is the one we need right now, in the long run I don't want to trump anything. I do believe strongly that Kindness can't just sit down every time anger stands up. Cooks have strength, cooks are up to the struggle for hearts and minds ahead of us. But if we have to battle dragons, once we are done, no good will come of holding on to souvenirs that reignite conflict. This Embrace Hope plaque on the other hand, with the way color brought it to life this weekend, really might be worth holding on to.
Penzey hates Scott Walker and he hates Trump and he hates all who voted for them.

We know, we know. You've told us what seems like a million times.

"Cooking trumps Sexism" is in the works?

Oh, goody. I can't wait.

I won't do business with Penzey. He gets off on stirring anger, creating divisions, and causing discord among people. That doesn't sound like a recipe for peace and love and healing the world.


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Anonymous said...

These emails are so mushy, sentimental, and vapid, it makes me want to claw my eyes out. And they have a very 90's new age feel, like televised versions would have aired during Oprah and Touched by an Angel.

You know what would be hilarious to watch? A social justice warrior accusing Bill Penzey of cultural appropriation by profiting off of other cultures' herbs and spices. They also could call him a "white savior" brand of racist for his ad nauseum virtue signalling.