Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jimmy Fallon: Trump and Mitt Romney Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: I read that Donald Trump is now planning a victory tour where he's going to visit all the places that helped him get elected. So I guess that means Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Russia.

And this is interesting. A new poll found that Donald Trump's favorability rating is up 8 points since being elected. Then Hillary said, 'Yeah, I wouldn't trust the poll that much.'

And Trump is already busy gearing up for his first term. In fact, I saw today his transition team has received its first briefing from the Pentagon. Trump should actually fit in well at the Pentagon because he takes five sides on every issue.

This is big. It came out that Trump is meeting with Mitt Romney this weekend about a cabinet position. Of course, the meeting between Trump and Romney will take forever because first they're going to talk about their sons. 'How's Tad?' 'Good. How's Don?' 'Good. How's Josh?' 'Good. How's Barron?' 'Good. How's Matt?'

There's actually a rumor that Trump may make Mitt Romney his secretary of state, which is a big step for Trump because he's never had a male secretary before. So, it's a big deal, a big deal. 'It is bigly.'

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