Sunday, November 20, 2016

Boycott 'Hamilton'

In October, I went to see the Chicago production of Hamilton.

It was excellent.

Had the New York cast done its lame Mike Pence diss before I saw the show, that would not have kept me from going. Prior to the date I went, I was aware of interviews with the Chicago cast, slamming Trump and his supporters. I didn't like it but I wasn't surprised. Same old, same old.

Conservatives need to put a lot of crap from the Leftists in entertainment aside. That's nothing new.

The following tweet, however, is the sort of thing that bugs me:

People who voted for Trump aren't necessarily backward rubes.

That elitist attitude from the Leftists is so annoying and so off-base. Their cluelessness and misperceptions probably have something to do with their election losses. They're out of touch.

It gets a little tiring being insulted all the time, but when you know they're so wrong, none of it really matters.


UPDATE: Chicago: Trump Supporter Disrupts 'Dear Theodosia'

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