Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Remy: SNL 'Hallelujah' Parody

This is fantastic.

To all those flipping out over Trump's election, on the Left and on the Right and anywhere in between--


Remy goes through Charlie Sykes' pre-election anti-Trump talking points, literally - the wars, the debt, the power grab and other grabs.



I heard the news and I was sad
A crazy man who'll power grab
He'll probably bomb countries unapproved, yeah

The debt will double - Won't abate
He'll build up the surveillance state
I guess it won't be all that different, ooh yeah


He might be so awful, So unhinged
Defense Secretaries leave and then
Imply his White House knows not what to do yeah

He'll wage a war on whistle-blows
there may be unexpected gropes
He’d be that nightmare
They call "deja vu" yeah


He might take the data from our phones
Have citizens killed by flying drones
Mock the disabled oh no we'll be through yeah

So if you're mad and on the streets
Concerned about this overreach
Well where've you been
It isn't all that new, yeah

But Hallelujah

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