Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tim Kaine: 'What's a Cheese Curd?'

DEMOCRAT Tim Kaine was campaigning in Madison yesterday when he said it.

Remember when John Kerry was running for president in 2004? Remember when he came to Wisconsin and renamed Lambeau Field?

Lambert Field. Kerry actually called Lambeau "Lambert." That didn't sit well with some of us. You didn't have to be a Packer fan to think Kerry was a moron with the "Lambert Field" thing.

Tim Kaine had a sort of similar embarrassing Wisconsin experience. Kaine had an awkward cheese curd moment.

I'm reminded of another Kerry flub. Remember when campaigning in Philadelphia Kerry ordered a cheesesteak with Swiss cheese? Good grief, that guy! Lambert? Swiss cheese?

I digress.

Kaine tried to undo the damage from his cheese curd ignorance with this tweet, replying to the reporter noting his Wisconsin blunder:

Will Wisconsin go for Trump because Kaine is clueless on cheese curds?

Of course not.

He's certainly not the first out-of-state person to be unfamiliar with the food.

I enjoy introducing people to good curds.

I wonder if Kaine was pandering or genuinely liked the cheese. Who knows? I doubt Kaine wrote the tweet.

Hillary, growing up in a Chicago suburb and relatively close to the Wisconsin border, may have been exposed to cheese curds at some point but I think it's unlikely. She was probably too busy hanging out in her father's drapery fabric place.

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