Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Problem With Charlie Sykes and His Trump Opposition

Again, I only caught the last 10 minutes of Charlie Sykes' radio program this morning.

Again, he was railing on Trump.

I heard him play that 1999 clip of Tim Russert interviewing Donald Trump on Meet the Press. In the 1999 interview, Trump states that he personally abhors everything about abortion but is pro-choice.

Apparently, Sykes desperately plays this as justification to prove Trump is just like Hillary Clinton when it comes to abortion. Personally, a 17-year-old clip doesn't carry the same weight as the remarks Trump made in the last debate about partial-birth abortion. It doesn't carry the same weight as Hillary's complete dismissal of the topic, refusing to address the issue and veering off to babbling about women she has met. We know Hillary will fight to uphold the slaughter of innocent life, even babies days away from birth. NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER.

So, after hearing this bit of Sykes' show, I decided to go to the podcast and listen to more of his discussion. The third hour of his show was devoted entirely to explaining why he won't vote for Trump.

It was all ego and pretty pathetic, lacking substance.

I understand that he's responding to feedback he has received about his anti-Trump view, the charges that he's not a conservative or he's too conservative.

I don't care. Sykes has one vote and he can do with it as he chooses. I don't care if he's turning liberal or if he's highly principled or if he's a sell-out or whatever. I don't care. It's irrelevant.

I think the problem people may be having with Sykes and his "principles" and his crusade against the Republican nominee boils down to the reality that he is helping to elect Hillary.

Opposition to the Republican nominee assists the Democrat in the race.

That means embracing all the Leftist policies that Hillary promotes. That means blowing up the U.S. Supreme Court and taking out that branch of government as a check and balance.

People understand the stakes. People get what a Hillary presidency means. People also understand that Sykes has a forum on WTMJ and on MSNBC now. He has one vote but he has a louder voice. It makes sense that people would react, especially long-time listeners.

Sykes' arguments against Trump didn't hold up. He ignored the issues, focusing on Trump's mean tweets and objectionable remarks, calling Trump "mean-spirited and cruel." That disqualifies him in Sykes' world.

That would be fine I suppose if the alternative wasn't Hillary.

In sum, he spent the hour echoing the Left's talking points. He actually said that although the Supreme Court is extremely important, he is frightened that Trump would start a nuclear war.

A bit much? A bit goofy?


Sykes even argued that the "ignorant," "arrogant," and "thin-skinned vindictive" Trump would put the nation at risk. Sykes believes there's a "very real danger that he would use his office to retaliate and harass his political opponents." He thinks Trump would "trigger a dangerous, a devastating trade war that would wreck the economy." Sykes said that Trump would "potentially blunder us into some sort of unnecessary war."

Wow! Unhinged!

Basically, Sykes' position is that Trump is a bad man, a danger, a pathological liar, a bully, and unfit to serve.

OK, I get that opinion.

What I don't get is why he and others like him are helping Hillary -- a bad woman, a danger, a pathological liar, a bully, a crook, and unfit to serve.

That is what Sykes and company are doing.

Sykes even had the audacity to play the Honor Flight card, talking about being with the World War II veterans, saying how much people have given for this country. He said we deserve so much better than being the "latest trophy for this fundamentally flawed and dishonest guy."

Questions for Sykes: What is Hillary? Fundamentally flawed? Dishonest? Why should we be the latest trophy for the corrupt and possibly criminal Clinton?

It makes no sense.

Overall, what makes Sykes' position so offensive to me is the condescension. He keeps ranting that we don't get it, that we don't realize what we're doing by accepting Trump rather than Hillary. If we were just more intelligent, we would understand that Trump is literally the Apocalypse incarnate.

Although he says Hillary is "awful," he must know that by abandoning the Republican nominee, he's helping elect "awful" Hillary. He must view her as acceptable, at least more acceptable than Trump, or he wouldn't act in a way that could help her become president.

There's the rub, Charlie.

You cannot take the reality of the situation out of the equation. It's going to be Hillary OR Trump.

Hillary is not acceptable. Good Lord, she's not acceptable. She's more dangerous. He says he's not defending Hillary. OK. But he is voting in a manner that would help elect her. I think that's why people are flipping out about Sykes.

Sykes said he "won't defend the indefensible," but he is defending the indefensible when he assists Hillary.

Who is being blind?

He condescendingly said how difficult it is to watch conservatives he knows contort and compromise themselves to support Trump, while he remains true. That's a problem. Sykes doesn't seem to hear himself when he talks. He doesn't seem to hear how he trashes those disagreeing with him.

Bottom line: This is about handing the keys to the White House to Hillary or Trump. I don't like it, but that's the choice.

With Trump, the country has a chance. Conservatives have a chance. With a Hillary presidency, we don't.


The choice: Deal with it or surrender.

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