Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Vote Ron Johnson

Here's my post from November 2, 2010:

I am thrilled, THRILLED!

I'm so proud of Wisconsin. We've given the country a great gift. We voted out Russ Feingold and are sending Ron Johnson to Washington.

FINALLY, I will have a senator in Washington who will truly represent me. He shares my values.

Are you listening, Russ?

Can you hear us now, Russ?

You're welcome, America.
It was a great moment. The radical Leftist Feingold was history. We fired him.

The long, Wisconsin nightmare was over.

Ron Johnson would be our senator.

We can't go back to the era of Feingold and enable the taxer, the spender, the voter for ObamaCare, the late-term abortion advocate. Feingold is not a nice guy. He's a fraud. He's a liar. He should be rejected by the voters of Wisconsin as surely as he was in 2010.

Johnson has served Wisconsin and the country with class and distinction. He is a very good man.


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