Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Bill Penzey: More Political Blather

More pontificating from Bill Penzey, from his email, December 6, 2016:

Subject line: Nothing to promote, but an idea

As the subject line suggests, the email isn't about spices or other products. It's just more of his divisive, ugly drivel.

Your response and support for us over the last couple weeks has been overwhelming. So much so, that we had to put off the promotion that we had planned for today to give all the good people here who grind and blend your Spices a chance to catch up. I can't say enough how much your support has meant.

While we have this gap, I'd like to encourage you to check out the comments to our Letter to America's CEOs Facebook post. Roughly fifteen years ago I arrived at the conclusion that if someone didn't do something to start sharing the real value of cooking, cooking as we knew it was destined to become a thing of the past. After a couple years waiting with frustration for someone to do something, it occurred to me, why not us? Back then, as we first tried to share our understanding that we cook because of all the goodness cooking sets in motion in our lives it was at first received somewhat like a tree falling in the woods. At the time, cooking, at least in the media, really was about shining the spotlight on yourself, celebrity chefs, and luxury lifestyles. It's been a long road.

When we started down this road, we had a candle we hoped to keep burning. We did not stay away from social media because we were old-fashioned, we held back until we could grow our flame of cooking as kindness to the point where a gust of anger could no longer blow it out. At first, through our Penzeys One Magazine, and then later through our Catalog, we worked story by story, and recipe by recipe, to grow our message of the goodness that comes to life when we take the time to care for those around us. We also worked to have our stores become community centers for kindness, and to share the idea that the same caring that works around the dinner table works around the world as well.

Two weeks ago, with the rise in the sexist, homophobic, racist anger this election set in motion, I felt that, ready or not, we had to launch. And as much as I knew our message had to be able to withstand a gust of anger, even my optimism was tested by the hurricane of anger our launch received. That's why I'm asking you, if you have some time, to check out our Letter to America's CEOs post and the 57,000 likes it has received and more than 7000 comments. Our message of the goodness of cooking is no longer a candle we need to fear being blown out. The kindness of cooks will not be sitting down just because anger has stood up.

If you have time, check out the comments and follow the threads. Some are not exactly us, but so many get it so right. You are smart people; as you read please give thought to what makes this all work, and to the words you can add. From the tremendous response to our letter, it's pretty safe to say we are here to stay, and there will be plenty of opportunities to add your voice as we move on into the future. And yes, there are those who want to leave their anger here, but we are comfortable with making the choice to have them find a different venue for what they wish to share. After this election, I kind of think they have done enough damage already. So you don't have to get your guard up before visiting. You can even make these comments the last reading you do for the night. The kindness of cooks makes a great bedtime story.

Give it a read, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Thanks yet again,


This guy is trying to keep the "hurricane of anger" swirling.

Language like "the rise in the sexist, homophobic, racist anger this election set in motion" is meant to inflame and anger, not heal.

Penzey continues to make a mockery of the "kindness" he claims to profess.

He's not about kindness or healing or helping communities. He's about self-promotion by tapping into the Leftists' embarrassing meltdown in reaction to Trump's victory.

Penzey is a hypocrite.

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