Wednesday, December 7, 2016

TIME Person of the Year - Donald Trump

I get the feeling that Nancy Gibbs and the TIME people are doing all they can to emphasize that they aren't honoring Trump.

He seems to be in the category that holds Hitler and Stalin and Khrushchev and the Ayatollah Khomeini as previous Man of the Year selections. (Yes, in 1979, TIME was still using "Man of the Year," not "Person of the Year.")

The 2016 cover declares, "President of the Divided States of America."

True enough. Hillary did win the popular vote. There are divisions even though a map of the county results of the election reveals quite a lot of unity. However, if Hillary was the Person of the Year, and I'm certain they fully expected that to be the case, there is no way TIME would have highlighted divisions in the country.

They've pretty much been living in the bubble for eight years that only Americans on the fringes weren't in love with Obama. I'm sure that dreamland for the Leftists would have continued had Hillary won the election.

Divisions are only relevant because they are no longer in power.

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Anonymous said...

Those maps do not reflect unity. They evince a Brexit-esque divide of rural vs. urban. Not even a value-judgment as to imply that rural voters are a "silent majority" or unwashed rubes, or that urban voters are more cosmopolitan or more out of touch with real people. This just shows even more that Republicans are a rural party and Democrats urban. I think the real battles will continue to be fought in the affluent suburbs, which are traditionally Republican, not progressive, but might be turned off by nationalism and populism.