Thursday, February 23, 2017

Obama, Not Trump, Anti-Semitic

Mark Levin made the case that charges of President Trump's supposed anti-Semitism are unfounded and absurd. He says there is a concerted effort on the Left to paint Trump as tolerating anti-Semitism.

Levin offers evidence that Obama is an anti-Semite, something he has said many times before.

On his Tuesday program, Levin explains how he arrived at that conclusion.

MARK LEVIN: There's been no president, to my knowledge, more hostile to the Jewish community, no president more hostile to Israel, even more than Carter, than Barack Milhouse Benito Obama - aka Barry Soetoro.

I called him out repeatedly during the course of his eight year reign and I finally concluded that he was an anti-Semite.

The kind of man who would sit in the pews of a church for twenty years and listen to the racist ramblings of a knucklehead like Jeremiah Wright, who would befriend somebody like Professor Khalidi, who's now of Columbia University, he and his wife and their ties to Hamas, who would treat the prime minister of Israel the way that Obama did with utter and complete contempt, and on the way out the door, direct his clown the ambassador to the UN Samantha Power to undermine the state of Israel's security, at the same time leading, not just signing a deal, leading a deal that would arm the Islamo-Nazis in Tehran with $150 billion that would allow them to effectively build ICBMs that could hit our allies and eventually us, and in ten years would enable the Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran to go full bore with its nuclear warheads. So maybe not a nuclear warhead tomorrow, but many nuclear warheads in ten years - Mr. Nobel Peace Prize.

And of course, Obama was supported by Leftists of all faiths, including Leftist Jews. And I say this as a Jew, who's disgusted.

Now, Donald Trump is elected president of the United States. Clearly, the prime minister of Israel is thrilled, has a big smile on his face throughout the press conference they had before their meeting last week. Donald Trump, whose son-in-law is an Orthodox Jew, Donald Trump, whose daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism, is an Orthodox Jew, whose grandchildren from that couple are being raised as Orthodox Jews - suddenly, we're told that Donald Trump is not only tolerating anti-Semitism taking place in this country, but is encouraging it through his supporters. Encouraging it through his supporters?

No, that would be Barack Obama. That would be some of our new America-loving immigrants who come into this country from parts of the Arab world and the Muslim world, who've taken over our college campuses and shut down speech, particularly any speech that supports Israel. That would be some of the Leftists in this country who are trying to lead an economic boycott of Israel.

The Left is filled with bigotry. The Left is filled with poison. It is the Left that's filled with violence. And that's what's taking place.

And so to hear a fool like Jerry Nadler, who backed Obama every step of the way, every step of the way, who comes from one of the most Left-wing Democrat congressional districts in America, a big chunk of Manhattan, they elect a clown like this and they vote for Barack Obama, and this fool dares to say the following - Cut 1, go.


But it's certainly about refusing to do what any president, any governor, any decent mayor would do, which is to denounce a wave of bigotry. Maybe he doesn't want to denounce his own supporters, because some of his own supporters are responsible for this.

[End clip]

LEVIN: Stop. You see, there's no end to this. So now it's not about anti-Semitism. It's not about being anti-Jewish, or anything else. Now it's about Trump's supporters. Now, keep in mind, this is a Democrat party that is debating seriously whether or not to install Keith X - aka Keith Ellison - as the chair of the Democrat National Committee.

Keith X, Keith Ellison, who worked for Farrakhan's organization for years, Farrakhan - a well-known Jew-hater, a well-known anti-Semite, embraced by Democrat city mayors all over this country, by the way.


So now, can someone show me anywhere at any time when Trump has demonstrated any level of anti-Semitism? It's so absurd. It's so absurd. Oh, I can point to many examples with Obama. I just started.

The Democrat Party is now the party that breeds anti-Semitism. The Democrat Party is now the party that breeds Israel hate. The Democrat Party backed a man, Obama, who used the UN Security Council. They didn't just vote. They were operating in the shadows behind the scenes. They used the UN Security Council to attack Israel's security.


So, Obama is the biggest funder of terrorism the world has ever seen, $150 billion to the Islamo-Nazis in Tehran, on top of that, another $1.7 billion or so in hard currency, flown into Tehran under cover of dark, for our hostages. If that had been Reagan or a Republican, that would have been an absolute crisis we'd still be involved in. We'd never hear the end of it. Never hear the end of it.

Obama uses the UN to abstain to an anti-Semitic hate Israel resolution. And yet these leftists, leftists generally and leftists, I'm sorry to say, in the Jewish community, come after Trump, like this pathetic clown Jerry Nadler.

The anti-Semitism charge directed at Trump is really bizarre.

That fact that Trump has to defend himself on this is nuts, especially given the fact that Obama was never called out for his clear anti-Semitism.

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