Monday, February 20, 2017

Professor David Parry, St. Joseph's University - Trump Hater

St. Joseph's University is a Jesuit institution.

Steeped in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, Saint Joseph’s University provides a rigorous, intense education that both disciplines and expands the mind. At the core of this education is a General Education Program (G.E.P.), which exposes students to primary fields of inquiry and the cultural values that shape our world. A Jesuit emphasis on engaged teaching and mentoring permeates the university.
Professor David Parry, Chair, Communication Studies, said some things in the classroom about Trump supporters that certainly don't reflect the Catholic tradition.

No mercy.

He told his students he was not sympathetic to white voters making more than $50,000 who voted for Trump. He doesn't believe you should have to open your heart to them. Parry gets more specific. He says that persons of color in the room or women in the room do not have to open their hearts to them.

Say what?

Beyond being unkind, Parry gave his students some dubious information.

Regarding Trump's election, he said, "People are going to die because of what happened. And if we don't start there, we cannot have a conversation. People's lives are on the line now, and it's time we got real about that."

Good grief! What drivel! It's the classroom equivalent of fake news.

As this piece by Jesse Watters shows, Parry didn't want to talk about what he did in his classroom. He tried to run away rather than explain himself.

I hope Parry is held accountable for his conduct in the classroom and NOT rewarded by the university for his outrageous behavior.


Anonymous said...

Parry should not be using the Universities platform for his racist, anti-white agenda. Racism and degrading people based on color or income should not be tolerated. Give him his walking papers.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, he seemed to run away when he was confronted by an adult.
Looked like he had no defense for his rhetoric.
I would recommend he stick to teaching what he's hired to teach
and leave his personal beliefs at home.

Mary said...

The alumni, the financial donors, need to make their objections known. It's hard to turn your back on your alma mater, but sometimes, unfortunately, your alma mater turns its back on you.

If St. Joseph's gets enough feedback about Parry and they understand that their donors are abandoning them because of this sort of highly inappropriate behavior by faculty, they'll act.

Anonymous said...

How can this angry hateful man be allowed to teach student? These young people deserve balanced impartial discussions, not a crazy mean man spouting his illogical, ridiculous, just plain nasty imaginings. Shame on the university if they keep this poor excuse of a profession on at that institution.