Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Elizabeth Warren and Jimmy Fallon: 'Pink Pussy Hats'


I was just watching Jimmy Fallon's interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday's Tonight Show.

Warren was promoting her new book, and running for president. It was typical Elizabeth Warren stuff.

I wasn't really listening to her droning, but then something caught my attention. She was talking about the Women's March the day after President Trump's inauguration.

ELIZABETH WARREN: I bring this book to the conclusion talking about the Women's March. There it is. It's the day after Donald Trump has been sworn in. And the question is: What are we gonna do as a country? We are divided. There's hatred. He's heading this country in what I think is a terrible direction. And I go down to Boston Common, which is where we had our share of the march. And I'm in the car, and I'm thinking about: How are we gonna build an army? How are we gonna make our voices heard? And I look up, and I see these people moving toward the Common. And it's women in pink pussy hats, and it's men pushing strollers, and it's kids on bicycles, and they're all congregating in Boston Common.
So "pussy" is an acceptable term for a U.S. senator to casually toss out on network TV?

NBC thinks so.

I suppose the network didn't want to bleep her.

It was a weird moment.

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