Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Steve Stephens and McDonald's

The manhunt for alleged murderer Steve Stephens ended on Tuesday, thanks to employees at McDonald's.

From Cleveland 19 News:

The subject of a nationwide manhunt turned up at a McDonald's drive-thru Tuesday and shot himself in the head moments after workers called 9-1-1.

Police had been searching for Steve Stephens, 37, of the Cleveland area, since Sunday.

He shot himself after an alert citizen working at a McDonald's restaurant on Buffalo Street in Erie, PA called police.

Henry Sayers, a McDonald's employee tells our investigative team that Stephens rolled through the drive-thru and ordered a 20 piece Chicken McNuggets and a basket of fries. Sayers says he "acted normal" and there would have been no of way of knowing it was him unless he was on television.

The alert McDonald's drive-thru employee recognized Stephens while taking his order, and immediately dialed 9-1-1. Sayers says they weren't 100 percent sure it was him, but called 9-1-1 anyways. The McDonald's employees knew he might be in the area because of the report that his cell phone ping was picked up in Erie.

...In an interview with, the McDonald's manager later reported that while calling 9-1-1, workers told Stephens they were waiting for his fries and he'd have to wait a moment. Stephens said he didn't have time, and left the restaurant drive-thru without them.

Yes, he didn't have time to wait for fries.

Stephens obviously wasn't trying very hard to avoid being discovered.

He apparently didn't disguise himself. He kept his phone.

The McDonald's employees did a great service, effectively ending the threat Stephens posed to the public.

It is heartbreaking that Stephens shot Robert Godwin Sr. in cold blood. I don't understand how anyone can take a life like that.

Stephens planned to die. He should have just killed himself. He could have done it on Facebook if he was looking for attention.

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