Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pepsi, Kendall Jenner Commercial

I don't drink Pepsi.

When I watch TV, I don't watch commercials.

I fast forward through them. And if I happen to be watching a program as it airs, I flip to another channel or I do something else.

So, nothing about this Pepsi ad is relevant to me, but I watched it online since it's generating so much reaction.

It's really not worth the attention it's getting.

The whole protest scenario with the police as antagonists is lame. Jenner giving the officer a Pepsi is silly. The crowd goes wild because he sips the soda. That is so dumb.

This is the new Pepsi Generation? These snowflakes are embracing a "live bolder" and "live louder" and "live for now" philosophy.

That's funny. Living in a safe space, free from triggers and protected from microaggressions, isn't living bolder or louder. It's not living at all.

I don't think this ad will boost Pepsi sales, and that's the point.

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