Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Barry Manilow - Gay

Being famous has a lot of perks, but there's a downside. Managing one's image must be a pain.

To some extent, we all have to manage our images. Each of us has a reputation. Maybe it matters to you. Maybe it doesn't. Do you need the acceptance and approval of others? Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to not care what others think about you?

As social beings, we all deal with our place in the larger group. But, being in the public spotlight, you're judged on a dramatically larger stage. When your livelihood depends on fans, you need to take the public into account.

It's sad that Barry Manilow felt that he would disappoint his fans if he came out as gay. I don't know, but I'm guessing he probably misjudged them. Most likely knew he was gay. Why would anyone care whether Manilow was heterosexual or homosexual or fill-in-the-blank? It's irrelevant.

If his fans like his music and his performances, then they do. I doubt they would abandon him because of his choice of partner. His personal life is an entirely different realm that his fans don't and shouldn't fully access. No need to hide being gay.

I hope Manilow learned something by coming out.

Most people will accept you for the person you are.

If they don't, that's their problem.

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