Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Russia Elected Trump

No information from Russia influenced my vote.

Russia had absolutely nothing to do with the reality that Leftist Hillary Clinton would have nominated activist judges to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Information stolen by Russia had absolutely nothing to with the middle class working people in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Iowa being concerned about jobs.

Russia had absolutely nothing to do with the millions and millions of Americans dissatisfied with ObamaCare.

Russia in no way was responsible for the concern millions and millions of Americans have about the country's failure to secure the border.

Information from Russia didn't influence Obama's weak and wobbly "send in James Taylor" foreign policy, and Hillary's continuation of that policy, when it comes to the threat posed by ISIS and other hostile entities.

Russia didn't exert any influence whatsoever when it comes to Hillary's penchant for abortion at all stages of pregnancy and her support for the nation's largest abortion mill and organ trafficking operation.

Russia didn't do anything to influence the Democrats' War on Cops that has deeply troubled millions of American citizens.

And then there's school choice. How did Russia influence the Democrats' blocking parents from having choice in the education of their children? No stolen information had any influence at all.

Russia in no way "weaponized" Hillary the candidate and her "basket of deplorables" BS. Hillary and the Democrats own that.

Russia had no power to influence voters on any of these issues.

I've had enough of the absurd notion that Russia's influence was the deciding factor in the outcome of the 2016 election.

It's ridiculous.

Hillary and the Democrats lost because they and their policies were soundly rejected by Americans.

Don't blame Russia for Hillary's loss and Trump's victory.

The fault, dear Trump haters, is not in Russia, but in yourselves.

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