Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Brad Trent Mocks Wounded Marine

Brad Trent is a photographer from Canada living in New York. He also writes cruel things.

Read what Trent wrote on Twitter.

BRAD TRENT: Wow! Unless @GregGutfeld changed the name of his show to 'Freakshow', he better fire his booker! #Gutfeld #WTF #Freakshow

It's disgraceful to call Gutfeld's guests freaks. He owes them an apology.

Staff Sergeant (Ret.) Joey Jones was severely wounded in Afghanistan, losing both legs above the knee.

How in hell could Trent post something so awful?

Naturally, people were disgusted by Trent's tweet and apparently let him know.

Joey Jones cautioned that bullying Trent was not an appropriate response.

Jones is a great man.


August Danowski said...

Absolutely, this was a disgraceful joke.

At the same time, it makes me wonder where your outrage was hiding when Trump was making fun of Serge Kovaleski.

Mary said...

It was awful. I clearly stated I certainly would not excuse Trump.

In November 2015, the time of the instance I believe you're referencing, I was not a supporter of Donald Trump. Not even close. I didn't spend much time addressing his statements. I believed he didn't have a chance of becoming the Republican nominee.

So, where was your outrage when Obama mocked Special Olympics athletes on national TV?

Where was your outrage when Obama mocked Nancy Reagan?

Please provide links from 2008 and 2009 to document your expressed outrage.

I've said this to you before, "August Danowski": There are many issues I don't address on this blog. For example, I do not write posts about my outrage over every ISIS attack and every atrocity. You cannot assume that my silence on a topic implies a lack of outrage. A lack of a post on a topic does not mean I condone a given action or behavior. Your straw man approach does not work.

The topic here is Brad Trent and his disgraceful mockery of a wounded Marine on Memorial Day weekend. Without question, Trent said Joey, Tyrus, Kat, and Matt were a freakshow. Very offensive.

Jennifer Norberg said...

Johnny (Joey) Jones, we have no proof that Trent deleted his tweet. What he did was lock his twitter account and has yet to respond to Greg Gutfeld when he asked who he was specifically referring to by his #FREAKSHOW remark. Not bullying him but definitely calling his actions cowardly.

Jennifer Norberg said...

Sorry, when he asked if you were one of the people being referred to.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Brad Trent