Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pope Francis, Trump, and Obama Photos

The Leftists/Democrats are having a field day with what TIME calls this viral photo.

The photo is all over Twitter with comments like, "Think this AP picture just about sums it up."

Surprisingly, TIME is somewhat fair in its presentation of the photo.

While the Leftists are using it to show that Pope Francis refuses to smile because he can't stand Trump, TIME debunks that narrative.
Evan Vucci, the Associated Press photographer who made this picture, recalled the rapidly unfolding scene in a phone call on Wednesday. "It happens so fast, like a pool spray at the White House," he tells TIME.

Vucci was among six photographers who got into the room. The group was first ushered in to photograph Trump and Francis as they sat across from one another at a desk, then back out so the pair could meet. About a half hour later, they returned for more pictures. "We were instructed to stay behind the gift table. It's packed and everyone is jostling for position," Vucci says. "They're shaking hands, [Trump's] introducing the delegation. Then they do this big group photo."

The whole group scene was "probably 30 seconds," he adds. "The mood in the room, it didn't seem somber. The pope was smiling. They were sort of talking. Nothing seemed unusual to me or out of the ordinary."

...And it's worth noting that when looking back to Obama's Vatican visit, there is a larger group shot very similar to Wednesday's.

Francis isn't smiling in either shot. You just might not see that image appear in your feed.
I think TIME is doing this to protect Pope Francis and be sensitive to Catholics.

Pope Francis would be a real jerk if he pouted and refused to smile in Trump's presence, and intentionally kept photographers from getting a photo of him looking pleased to be with the president of the United States.

As a Catholic, I would hope that Pope Francis wouldn't do that. I would hope that he would behave in a more Christ-like manner.

I'm going to assume Pope Francis is a better than Christian than how he is being depicted in that photo.

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