Thursday, June 21, 2018

Obama's Concentration Camps for Children

I have no respect for the Leftists distraught over the treatment of children brought by adults entering the country illegally. Their outrage is pathetic.

It's insincere.

They didn't say a damn thing about the treatment children received at centers while Obama was in office.

Laura Bush didn't see fit to complain about the children when Obama was in office.

I'm not sure, but I don't recall Cardinal Dolan or Catholic bishops issuing statements condemning Obama. Did the pope weigh in?

United Airlines didn't refuse to let the U.S. government fly "separated immigrant children" on their aircraft when the Obama administration locked kids in cages.

No one said the country looked like Nazi Germany and Obama was running concentration camps.

Rachel Maddow had no compassion for the children when Obama was in office.

We have a problem we need to solve. We need to secure our borders and stop the lawlessness. Not stop immigration, stop the lawbreaking.

If Democrats really cared about the children, why were they silent during the Obama years?

Apparently, they don't care about the children.

Why can't we work together to achieve order and equal treatment?

It seems like the Democrats aren't interested in that.

The Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election because they neglected hard-working Americans.

They've learned nothing.

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