Thursday, October 7, 2021

Biden's Approval Tanks

The American people do not approve of the Big Guy.

Makes sense.

President Trump gave us a blue collar boom, energy independence, a border policy that promoted order and protected Americans. He delivered peace and prosperity.

Biden has given us crisis after crisis. He and his Marxist regime are waging war on the American people.

Biden said he would crush COVID. Not even close. He has ushered in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, pushing them around the country, without no concern for the health risk posed to American citizens.

And the border crisis orchestrated by Biden is off the charts disastrous. The crime, disease, and human misery he is overseeing is a legacy he will never be able to shake. Biden has abandoned his duty to protect the sovereignty of the country.

Biden said he would restore America's standing on the world stage. Broken promise. Biden has diminished the country's place in the world. Biden's catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal revealed a historic level of incompetence and common sense, leaving American citizens and allies behind enemy lines. Biden stumbles and bumbles while China attacks.

Biden is begging for oil because he chose to shutdown America's energy industry, tossing thousands out of work. He personally created the crisis. Unforgivable.

Biden claimed to be for the little guy, hard-working men and women. Instead, he has delivered inflation we haven't seen in decades. Biden and his Democrat/Marxist policies are hurting the people.

Most devious has been Biden's BS about uniting the country. That was never the goal. Biden has done more to stoke division and encourage animosity among Americans than any president in my lifetime.

Concerned parents should not be harassed by the FBI. Weaponizing taxpayer-funded institutions to demonize Americans and label them domestic terrorists is shameful.

Biden is a liar, a fraud, and a failure.

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