Thursday, October 8, 2009

Detroit Woman: 'Obama Money' (Audio)

Ken Rogulski, WJR News, interviewed some people waiting on line at the Cobo Center in Detroit to apply for stimulus money.


KEN ROGULSKI: Why are you here?

WOMAN: To get some money.

ROGULSKI: What kind of money?

WOMAN: Obama money.

ROGULSKI: Where's it coming from?

WOMAN: Obama.

ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get it?

WOMAN: I don't know. His stash. I don't know. I don't know where he got it from but he's giving it to us, to help us. We love him. That's why we voted for him. Obama! Obama!

Here's how another woman responded to Rogulski's questions:
ROGULSKI: Did you get an application to fill out yet?

WOMAN: I sure did. And I filled it out, and I am waiting to see what the results are going to be.

ROGULSKI: Will you know today how much money you're getting?

WOMAN: No, I won't, but I'm waiting for a phone call.

ROGULSKI: Where's the money coming from?

WOMAN: I believe it's coming from the City of Detroit or the state.

ROGULSKI: Where did they get it from?

WOMAN: Some funds that was given by Obama.

ROGULSKI: And where did Obama get the funds?

WOMAN: Obama getting the funds from... Ummm, I have no idea, to tell you the truth. He's the president.

Oh, my God.

Obama's stash?


UPDATE, September 27, 2012: Obama Phone, Romney Sucks

So it's come to this. Americans are supporting Obama because he's handing out phones.

Truly sad.


Ned Netterville said...

Barack Obama must think he is God. For instance, with Joe Biden in tow while campaigning in Toledo, Ohio, he promised, “We will create five-million new, high-wage jobs by investing in the renewable sources of energy that will eliminate the oil we currently import from the Middle East in ten years, and we will create two million jobs by rebuilding our crumbling roads, schools, and bridges.” Wow! That is a total of seven-million jobs to be created by investing. (In recent speeches the numbers have varied considerably. This god is not consistent.) Obama (and Joe) will create--just as “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) It is probably pertinent that God didn’t create jobs for Adam and Eve but left that responsibility in their hands. Perhaps the Prophet of Change and his sidekick are more considerate, more industrious, or more knowledgeable. From an essay entitled "Barack Almighty,"
read it here

Given the promises he made in order to get elected, his constituents should be lining up at the White House everyday to get some of His (capitalized as in God) stash.

tom d said...

Why is anyone suprised that this woman thinks Obama has a "stash" that he is giving her?

What did anybody expect? Do you think she learned anything in Detroit Public schools about how the government is SUPPOSED to work? NOPE. And so now the Democrats are basically buying votes with government handouts-- which is YOUR TAX MONEY> And they have been doing it for decades.

Of course we continue to pile up the debt. Do you think this woman understands that? Do you think she even cares? Nope. And multiply her number by millions.

We are going the war Rome did. When the welfare state takes over, the nation collapses. And never forget, any government is always after MORE POWER.Idiots like this woman are only too glad to give it over.

This sound bite needs to be made into a TV COMMERCIAL by the Republicans for the upcoming campaign.