Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walker Bumper Sticker - 'High Speed Fail'

One's reaction to the controversy over the anti-Scott Walker bumper sticker being offered by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin may hinge on which version of the sticker one views.

Currently, on the website of the Wisconsin Dems, this is the sticker being promoted:

Scott Walker's not even in office yet, but he has already killed the high-speed rail project, and in the process sent thousands of family-supporting jobs to other states that could have been right here in Wisconsin.

Enough is enough. Since you can't take the train, sign up to get a free DPW bumper sticker that shows your support for high-speed rail wherever you go — and your support for the thousands of jobs the project would have created.

Sign Up to Get Your DPW "High Speed Fail" Sticker

That sticker doesn't look as offensive to me in terms of bloody imagery as this version:

This is the version of the Dems' sticker that was shown last night on FOX 6 News.

There's a world of difference between a depiction of the train slamming into Walker's head with what appears to be bloody results and an image of the train shooting out of Walker's head.

On TMJ4's 10:00 PM newscast last night, the version now being offered by the Wisconsin Dems, the one with the train coming out of Walker's head, was shown.

Both of the Dems' stickers are lame in my opinion, but the version depicting what looks like blood spurting out of Walker's head as the train hits his temple is a violent, gory, and highly inappropriate image for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to be hawking.

Clearly, the Dems agreed. I only see one sticker available on their website today.

Thanks to Google's cache, the original version lives on.

It's not good for the Wisconsin Dems, or the national party for that matter, when the Associated Press highlights their bumper sticker of questionable taste just days before Republican Scott Walker will be inaugurated and become the governor of Wisconsin. More Leftist extremism exposed.

Kudos to FOX 6 for showing the sticker that actually prompted the outrage. As for TMJ4, try harder.


The Best said...

If The People are upset they should be able to show it. Make believe it's transmission fluid from the crushed train hitting his rock hard head.

I want one!

MiNiMaTiC said...

This sticker is unclear. It has been confused by people I know as opposing high speed rail rather than opposing the clown who opposed the high speed rail project. It could easily be mistaken as supporting Scott Walker for opposing the "high speed fail."

Mary said...

So you're saying that the Democrat Party of Wisconsin did a terrible job designing this bumper sticker?

I agree with you, albeit for dramatically different reasons.