Friday, March 25, 2011

Budget Repair Bill Becomes Law

What timing!

Wisconsin Democrat former AWOL state senator Chris Larson tweets:

Just spoke to the 4th grade class at Divine Mercy in South Milwaukee about how a bill becomes a law. Lots of fun...

That's funny. As Larson was having fun with the kids, the bill that Larson and his comrades attempted to block by fleeing the state just became law.

Larson had fun "voting and debating and in the end, it was decided on an 11 to 4 vote that dogs will no longer be allowed to hang out of car windows (there will also be doggy day cares set up outside stores so dogs don't get hot in parked cars)."

Isn't that nice?

Larson debated and voted with the 4th grade class. Good thing he didn't instruct the kids to run out of the classroom and hide in the bathroom to avoid dealing with the doggy bill.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A controversial bill limiting collective bargaining for public workers has been officially published despite a temporary restraining order barring its publication.

The legislation was published Friday with a footnote that notes the restraining order, but says the law "requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish every act within 10 working days after its date of enactment."

The publication of the law means that it will take effect Saturday.

The restraining order was issued against Secretary of State Doug La Follette, not the reference bureau. La Follette is a Democrat and the Legislature is run by Republicans, but the reference bureau is a nonpartisan agency widely respected by both sides.


What now?

Will protesters descend on the Capitol again? Will a liberal hack judge agree to obstruct its implementation?

Will the Democrats in the Assembly bring out their orange t-shirts?

Will the Dems in the Senate, just out of reflex, run to Illinois?


UPDATE: Larson is outraged! And he's probably putting on makeup to appear on MSNBC.
Walker & Republicans are shameless. Again, they step over the public and break laws to take worker's rights: Legislative Fiscal Bureau published Wisconsin Act 10. The Republican recalls just got a whole lot more support!

Governor Walker and Republicans didn't break the law.

Good grief.

The law is being followed: State law "requires the Legislative Reference Bureau to publish every act within 10 working days after its date of enactment."

The Legislative Reference Bureau did what it was required by law to do, Mr. Larson.

The shameless Larson is trying to score political points rather than react with reason and maturity.

Larson is more community organizer than senator. He lacks gravitas.


lincoln freed the slaved, Obama enslaves the free said...

Lincoln Freed the Slaved, Obama enslaves the free

The entire process with the democrats fleeing the state and after the law was passed with the temporary restraining order was to allow for the unions to get the contracts passed throughout school districts and municiplaities. It was at the behest of the Unions. Nothing less than trickery and gimmicks. every democratisc politician at all levels in wisconsin should be run out on a rail. the contracts that were passed with all the trickery and gimmicks should be deemed null and void. This is not how Republi Government works this is a travesty that should not stand.

Josh said...

You are truly lawless.