Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah Palin -- Liz Trotta, Maureen Dowd

It's no surprise that the likes of Liz Trotta and Maureen Dowd are having a field day trashing Sarah Palin since she announced her resignation as governor of Alaska.

Trotta and Dowd have never retracted their claws. They never let up on their attacks on Palin.

Yesterday, Dowd devoted her column to Palin.

Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy.

Usually we don’t find that exquisite battiness in our leaders until they’ve been battered by sordid scandals like Watergate (Nixon), gnawing problems like Vietnam (L.B.J.), or scary threats like biological terrorism (Cheney).

...As Alaskans settled in to enjoy holiday salmon bakes and the post-solstice thaw, their governor had a solipsistic meltdown so strange it made Sparky Sanford look like a model of stability.

On the shore of Lake Lucille, with wild fowl honking and the First Dude smiling, with Piper in the foreground and their Piper Cub in the background, the woman who took the Republican Party by storm only 10 months ago gave an incoherent, breathless and prickly stream of consciousness to a small group in her Wasilla yard. Gobsmacked Alaska politicians, Republican big shots, the national press, her brother, the D.C. lawyer who helped create her political action committee and yes, even Fox News, played catch-up.

What looked like a secret wedding turned out to be a public unraveling as the G.O.P. implosion continued: Sarah wanted everyone to know that she’s not having fun and people are being mean to her and she doesn’t feel like finishing her first term as governor.

I think it's completely legitimate to analyze and criticize Palin's decision to resign, but I don't think it's appropriate for Dowd to be so personal and caustic in her remarks.

I don't know why Palin made the choice to resign, but I certainly didn't see it as a "public unraveling as the G.O.P. implosion continued."

For nearly a year, Obama's camp and its mouthpieces in the lib media have hammered away at Palin, criticizing everything about her.

Why would her decision to step aside be a bad thing for Republicans if she's supposedly such an embarrassment?

Palin was deemed a drag on the Republican Party by many. Having her around allegedly hurts Republicans. Then, when she resigns, that's supposed to signify the party's implosion, as though Palin was holding it together.

The spin on Palin is as goofy as ever, and Dowd certainly contributes to the lunacy.

Then there are the comments that Liz Trotta made about Palin on FOX News yesterday.

LIZ TROTTA: It's very easy to say that the liberal media is caving in on her, and yes, they are; but she has given them a lot of raw meat. The woman is inarticulate, undereducated, and I pose this question: 'What do you think William F. Buckley would have thought of her as the standard-bearer for the conservative party?'

I think a lot of this criticism is well-deserved.

...This is one of the rare cases where I think all the liberal stylists like Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, and the rest of them really have a case. I mean, she just begs for adjectives like flaky and wacky.

...[Maureen Dowd's column] was a well written, funny piece. And, you know, there's one other element here, and I think most writers are afraid to bring it up. They sort of skirt the idea that this is a woman who has used her good looks and her gender to really get ahead in the political world. That's something, of course, the men don't want to admit, and certainly not the women.

So what are we talking about here? We're not talking about a great statesman of profound experience whose banner is integrity. We're talking about somebody who, right from the get-go, has been a flashy person who gets into a lot of trouble and really has no credentials for any job.

Good grief.

That is so over the top. It's ridiculous.

She "really has no credentials for any job"?

That's nuts.

It's Palin Derangement Syndrome.

I don't see how Trotta or Dowd can be taken seriously. Their excessive bashing of Palin reduces their credibility.


Andrew Breitbart writes about the media's assassination of Sarah Palin, "New York Times Barbie strikes again."
What a shock that Maureen Dowd devoted her New York Times column Sunday to attack Sarah Palin. It did not so much criticize Alaska's governor for prematurely stepping down from her official duties as to finish off what sister snipers Katie Couric and Tina Fey began last fall.

The assassination of Sarah Palin - by media.

For those who didn't pay attention, Mrs. Palin's unexpected stratospheric rise as a national political figure threatened the media's preordained presidency of Barack Obama.

In light of how the Obama machine took down Hillary Clinton, which unsettled many feminists who believed 2008 was their time, many who saw sexism at play - the destruction of an ascendant Republican female icon was an urgent imperative for the Democratic Party.

In conjunction with the laws of political correctness as perfected by the Democratic Media Complex, it would take prominent women to take down an unlikely and unexpected conservative feminist symbol that threatened to steal away Mrs. Clinton's votes from the Chosen One.

...Misses Dowd, Couric and Fey - Obama's Angels (featuring Joy Behar in the role of "Bosley") - used a potent mix of mockery, snobbery and vitriol to undermine Mrs. Palin's feminist bona fides.

...Simply put, they are bullies. And female bullies - "Mean Girls" as Miss Fey's film calls them - are the cruelest kind.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that these propagandists don't apply the same requirements to their beloved idiot of a Vice President, Joe, I wish I had a brain, Biden.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is an idiot -- Trotta and Dowd are both spot-on in their criticism of this empty-headed, unprepared, undereducated piece of white trash.

She has brought on the criticisms not only of herself but her children as well. She is the poorest example of a "modern woman" that one could possibly name. She is inept, unprepared and narcissistic.

Anyone that continues to support Sarah Palin is either overly-religious or underly-intelligent and must desperately want to see America fail.

Sarah Palin = Human Garbage

Anonymous said...

Palin deserves every bit of criticism she has received, going back to her selection by McCain. She has no accomplishments, no intelligence, and apparently decided long ago that everything she ever needed to know, she learned in a beauty pageant. Shame on McCain and the Viagra-fueled right wing male pundits for foisting this foolish person on us.

William said...

To Anonymous #2... Governor Palin's supporters might be "underly-intelligent"? I'll have to add THAT word to my Funk & Wagnell's. And you obviously don't live in the deep south: Ms. Palin might be accused of being many things with some degree of accuracy ("Caribou Barbie" comes to mind), but white trash isn't one of them. And exact HOW has she brought criticism on a Down Syndrome child?

You, sir (or madam) are a sad example of an open-minded, non-judgemental, can't we all sit down and discuss things across the table with dictators but crucify opposing candites, liberal.

Mary said...

I find the vitriol the Left, Dowd, and Trotta types spew at Sarah Palin to be stunning.

It is so intense that it's scary.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of babies the mean-spirited, delusional, hateful nutjob left is. These people are looney tunes and need help. The sad thing is that they now have a voice thanks to the internet and the idiot Democratic party is stupid enough to believe that they are their base. These fools are an incredibly small amount of the population but they seem like a larger segment because many members of the press are left-wing nutjobs.

2010 is going to be a big surprise and you betcha 2012 is going to be a bigger surprise to these loons. Their heads might explode on election night 2012.

Anonymous said...

Liz Trotta is a Conservative.

Keep worshipping the ground Palin walks on you fakers, the REAL Conservatives will be busy TRYING TO REBUILD THE PARTY AS SOMETHING OTHER THAN THE RELIGIOUS NUTCASE PARTY!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if you censored comments though, it's only free speech when it agrees with you.

Mary said...

No kidding Liz Trotta considers herself to be a conservative.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to call her out for her horrible remarks.

And I certainly don't worship Palin.

I can't think of a single politician that I "worship."


I don't censor comments based on content. I won't publish comments with very offensive language and/or those including ad hominem attacks on other posters.

Anonymous said...

Trashing your own conservative pundits while wailing the all too familiar liberal media rag for speaking some truths effectively “skirts” around (pun intended) Gov. Palin’s unwillingness to endure, persevere, persist, or just plain gut it out. Her resignation speaks volumes to the issue of her commitment to public office. Nobody plays three quarter’s of football and goes home. I’m from Dayton Ohio, and the Cincinnati Red’s had to play all nine innings while setting a record for the worst barn whipping in history issued out by the Phillies. Nobody stepped in and said, “We’re suspending the rest of the game,…for the good of the game.”

Ms. Palin deserves some credit as the VP candidate for sheer political bravado, but simply putting on the uniform doesn’t make you player. The reality of “See Sarah Run”, is that she does just exactly that!

Mary said...

I'm not "skirting" the issue.

This post isn't about Palin's decision to resign. It's about Dowd and Trotta's reaction to her resignation.

I don't care that Dowd and Trotta criticize Palin.

What bothers me is how they choose to go about it. Disgraceful.

Marcy said...

As far as I can see, Dowd, Trotta, Fey and the Liberals main and only objection to Sarah Palin boils down to "she's pretty, and she knows it." HISS!! BOO!! If a woman wants to succeed with those terminally insecure types, she's gotta have Hillary's piano legs and cheatin' husband, or put on a funny nose like Nicole Kidman had to to get her Academy Award. I am sorry to see Liz Trotta join the ranks of Sarah haters by saying she's undereducated. If there's an educated politician within 4000 miles of Washington DC, I haven't heard of him or her. Sarah seems at least to have some common sense and to have acutally tried to raise a family, and live a normal life, and that is more than most of those Washington politico nutjobs can even dream of.

nwconservative said...

These two women are the classic example of all the anointed talking heads that make even Fox News sometimes too dreary to watch. I am incredulous at the silly claims Trotta has made, in this video, about Palin. Palin has never "used" her sex at all. How do these people invent these claims out of thin air and still maintain any credibility?

Thank you for posting this video of Trotta. I'll never bother to listen to a word she says again.