Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger, and Crocs

UPDATE, October 7, 2010: Deadspin releases alleged Favre photos (including Crocs) and voicemail and screen shots of Favre/"Screaming Lord Byron's" postings on MySpace.

It sounds like Favre to me.

Most revealing, or among the things revealed, is the fact that Favre dodged a question about the accusations. He wouldn't respond because he has his "hands full."

You could say that.


Brett Favre is a master at manipulating the media.

He seems to enjoy messing with people and grabbing attention. It's all about timing.

Jenn Sterger appears to have picked up some of Favre's techniques.

Now, instead of the same old yearly boring SPECULATION about Favre and his impending retirement or return to the NFL for another season, there's SPECULATION about whether there's any validity to Sterger's story that Favre sent her some very revealing photos of himself.

From CBS News:

According to an article at Deadspin, the quarterback may have sent a slew of graphic photos - namely shots of his private parts - to model Jenn Sterger.

Read the article (Graphic Content)

Sterger, who works at the sports show "The Daily Line," allegedly received the images on her phone while she was working as a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008.

Sterger claims Favre, who is married, sent her numerous graphic pictures and flirty voicemails but she rejected his advances.

The report lacks any hard evidence. Deadspin blogger A.J. Daulerio says Sterger didn't want the publicity that the story would fuel. However, she finally agreed to "go on the record with her tales of Favre's creepy cell phone stalking."

From the Huffington Post:
According to the [Deadspin] article, Sterger claims that Favre, who has reportedly been texting teammates, ultimately texted her something quite different: numerous photos of his penis, including one in which "he's masturbating -- while wearing a pair of Crocs."

Read the Deadspin article (graphic content).

What can I say?

Is Sterger concocting the story? Who knows? In my opinion, the timing of her revelation is extremely suspect.

In any event, I think it's fair to say that Favre still likes to play.


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