Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chris Larson: TMJ4 Interview

TMJ4 anchors Mike Jacobs and Carole Meekins interviewed AWOL Democrat Wisconsin State Sen. Chris Larson after Governor Scott Walker concluded his news conference.

It was a live interview by phone from Larson's "undisclosed location in northern Illinois."

Clearly, Larson is most definitely NOT one of the "reasonable and responsible" AWOL Dem senators Gov. Walker referenced in his remarks.

Larson was disrespectful and took shot after shot at Gov. Walker.

While they had Larson on the phone, I wish Mike Jacobs or Carole Meekins would have asked Larson about the details of his criminal record and why he was a shoplifter.

Does Larson have any regrets that he stole? I think he stole from the Holt Avenue Pick 'n Save in Milwaukee. He's never been clear about what happened. He claims he can't remember.

Maybe next time a reporter or anchor has Larson on the phone, he or she can ask him about his shoplifting.

Read this very recent Tweet from Larson:

Going on Last Word on MSNBC to respond to Walker's falling popularity and their push toward a police state in WI

"Walker's falling popularity and their push toward a police state in WI"?


What a disgrace!

I don't think Larson knows what a police state is. Good grief.

Here's another Tweet:

I wonder if Walker has a sense of Irony when he says there are "fringe" Dems when the GOP shut down free speech and sent police after us.

Larson must be tweeting while he's on hold waiting for his MSNBC appearance.

I hope Larson's constituents are paying attention and really listening to him. I hope they're observing how he's conducting himself. I hope they're seeing what a radical he is. They didn't care about him being a shoplifter. I hope they care about him being such an extremist.

He's a fringe Leftist and a shoplifter.

There's no question about it. Larson is not one of the "reasonable and responsible" AWOL Dems.

That's probably why he's a star on MSNBC.


jimspice said...

When are you drop the shoplifter thing. We eventually let go of the George "alcoholic and coke addict" Bush thing.

I'm very proud of the senator, my senator. He's representing my interests and those of my neighbors.

Mary said...

President Bush was very forthcoming about discussing his struggles with alcohol.

Larson, on the other hand, has not. He needs to grow up and admit his failings rather than sweep them under the rug. I wonder how many of Larson's constituents know their state senator's record. The theft certainly speaks to his character.

Larson really seems to be enjoying all the media attention he's getting for being AWOL. He's eating it up. Very immature.

Coke addict?

I think you're confusing Obama's drug use with President Bush.

jimspice said...

OK, I'll pull back addict and replace it with user, and a convicted one at that:

Though he has never admitted it, he has also never denied using cocaine, and the closest he has come to doing so was to say he would pass muster of government requirements, no use in 15 years.

So should Mr. Bush "admit his failings rather than sweep them under the rug?"

Mary said...

That's not a credible source. It's a hit piece.

Larson's shoplifting, however, is not disputed.

jimspice said...

I doubt very much I could find a source that you would view as credible that doesn't have FOX in the name.

Mary said...

You've read enough of what I write to know better than that.

jimspice said...

What I'm SURE of is that neither of us can find a source of Mr. Bush saying "I have never used cocaine." You can find about 20 different ways he SUGGESTED such, but no outright denial.

jimspice said...

Just to be clear, I could care less if GWB snorted coke. But failure to admit it does say something about character. To my knowledge, Mr. Larson has never run from charges against him.

susisee11 said...

I applaud Gov Walker.What part of no the union thugs do not understand?The state is broke!NO money! I saw Lawson standing there this morning with scouring thugs behind him, like they were threatening.Most of them looked like they needed to be on a most wanted poster.Speaking of most wanted...those lawmakers needs to be fired! What a bunch of babies!God Bless you Gov!Keep up the good fight!!!More people than you think are behind you!!!

susisee11 said...

Only if you're liberal then AOL let you the liberal castro looking thing jimspice! Liar!

Mary said...

AOL? Liar?


jimspice said...

Castro looking?

Mary said...

"Castro looking" is odd.

I don't see any resemblance.