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Miles Kristan

UPDATE, December 1, 2011: "Pink Dress Guy," Infamous Beer Thrower, Now Targeting Gov. Walker’s Children in Online Taunt

Miles Kristan, the infamous ‘Pink Dress Guy’ who has harassed media and threw a beer at a Wisconsin lawmaker at the height of pro-union protests earlier this year, is engaging in an online effort to draw attention to Governor Scott Walker’s two teenage sons.

On his Facebook page this Sunday, Kristan posted links to the personal pages of Alex and Matt Walker.

“[W]hats [sic] it like having the most hated dad in all of Wisconsin ??? this kid knows,” Kristan wrote as his status message late Sunday night. Kristan included a link to Matthew Walker’s Facebook page in his status message.

He then immediately followed by posting a status stating, “and this kid knows as well,” to which he linked Alex Walker’s Facebook page.

Matthew and Alex Walker are teenagers who both attend public high school in Wauwatosa.

This guy is sick. Kristan is really sick.

What's it like being the most twisted, deranged Leftist in all of Wisconsin?

What's disturbing is Kristan wanted to take his attacks on Walker up a notch. He knew that targeting Matt and Alex Walker would get him attention.

Is this about Kristan's ego and his thirst for getting noticed?

It's certainly part of it. An unintended consequence of Kristan's stunt is that it makes people more sympathetic toward Scott Walker and his family.

Who would want to be associated with an effort that includes the likes of Kristan?

He's sure to turn people off by his use of such truly horrible tactics.


One of those peaceful Leftist protesters in Madison exhibited some more "peaceful, respectful" tactics on Wednesday.

Republican State Representative Robin Vos (R-Burlington), State Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette) and State Representative Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford) were victims of an attack that was more than verbal.

From MacIver News Service:

The incidents of verbal harassment against Republican lawmakers in and around the State Capitol escalated on Wednesday when a well-known protester confronted three GOP representatives and drenched them with beer.

Madison Police responded to a disturbance at the Inn on the Park, 22 S. Carroll St., Wednesday night after a man dumped a beer over the head of a state lawmaker. According to the police report, “the bartender said the man yelled out something like, “Money” and “Damn Republicans.”

Details, from the Madison Police Department incident report:
“The beer was poured atop a 43-year old Burlington, WI man. It also splashed onto two other state lawmakers. All indicated the suspect swore at them, and called them criminals. He was accompanied by a man with a video camera. The bartender asked the videographer to turn it off. She says following the request, the suspect then took the glass of beer and emptied it onto the lawmaker’s head. The suspect then fled. The lawmaker, who took the direct hit, indicated the suspect has been harassing him since February, but up until this point, it had only been verbal. He did not know the suspect’s [sic] name, but a female State Capitol employee, who was with the group, was able to provide police with a name, and said Capitol Police would have his contact information. The MPD called Capitol Police and obtained a couple of possible addresses for the suspect, as well as a couple of possible phone numbers. Officers attempted to find the suspect, but could not locate him. He will likely face a tentative charge of disorderly conduct.”

The new civility - what a joke!

MacIver News Service identifies the protester/thug as Miles Kristan.

A source present at the incident and who wished to remain anonymous has identified the perpetrator as Miles Kristan, a well-known fixture of the recent protests in Madison and elsewhere in Wisconsin. Kristan is also well known to the MacIver News Service. He has harassed our interns and our investigative reporter in attempts to prevent us from providing coverage of events in Madison and Janesville.

Are you proud of your brother, Leftists?

Care to condemn Kristan?

MacIver News Service found a recent video made by Kristan and one of his comrades.
The MacIver News Service have discovered a video, posted online, of Kristan and another protester harassing Representatives Vos and Suder just last week. In the video, which is apparently shot by Kristan and can be seen here, the representatives leave the Capitol and head over to check into the Inn on the Park. This video corroborates allegations that these two individuals have repeatedly harrassed Vos, Suder and others.

“I am somebody and you will listen to me,” the agitator screams at one point in the six-and-a-half-minute video. Earlier, he warns that he was giving Vos “five business days to respond.”

The video was posted on September 9, five days before last night’s incident.


Here's video of Kristan in his pink dress:


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