Friday, November 18, 2011

Bill Maher and Jimmy Fallon (Video)

I was looking forward to relaxing after a rough day and watching some late night TV.

I enjoy Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because it's not heavy on politics. Most of the jokes aren't mean-spirited. It's usually just fun and funny.

So when I discovered that Bill Maher was on the show I was really disappointed, just not in the mood for Maher's crap.

Even worse, Maher had two segments.

Yeah, it was bad - two segments of Maher and, to some extent, Jimmy Fallon, bashing Catholics and Republicans.

Feeling alienated is not entertaining. Being mocked and insulted is not entertaining.

At the end of the day, I want to laugh or at least smile. I don't want to experience divisiveness and anger.

Once upon a time, Maher was funny. Watching him now, it's hard to believe that ever was the case.

The discussion about Catholicism was awful.

Why does Maher always have to bash Catholics and religion in general?

I respect his right not to believe in God. Why can't he show respect to believers? Instead, Maher is on a constant crusade, ridiculing people's faith in God.

Why can't he show some tolerance?

JIMMY FALLON: I have to say I loved Religulous.... Religulous - I never got to have you on the show for that, your documentary. Religulous - it's fantastic. That was such a great documentary, and you can download it now on iTunes or wherever it is, Apple TV. But you should check it out if you haven't seen it. Gosh, it made me laugh. It was so smartly done.

BILL MAHER: I didn't know that you were of that non-belief.

FALLON: Well, I'm not really. It's more that....

MAHER: What were you raised, Jimmy?

FALLON: I wanted to be a priest. I was Catholic.


FALLON: I did. Yeah, I was really into it.

MAHER: And what deterred you? You got an erection at some point?

FALLON: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

MAHER: That'll do it. It's easy to want to be a priest when you're eight. You hit thirteen, that's a big stumbling block.

FALLON: Oh, I loved it, so I can see people getting so into it.

MAHER: Really?

FALLON: Well, people, weirdly enough, I had a conversation, they said, 'Maybe it was like your first experience on stage,' because you are on an altar and my parents used to come see me serve Mass and stuff like that. So it was like a big show for me.

MAHER: Wow. This is all... I've known you for so long and I never knew this about you. I never knew you wanted to be a priest. I didn't even know you liked little kids.

After the mandatory Catholic bashing, Maher went on to slam the Republican presidential candidates.

Speaking about Newt Gingrich, Maher asked, "Why are we digging up these relics, these curiosities from the 80s and 90s, and asking them what they think? Why don't we ask John Wayne Bobbitt's severed penis?"

Noting that most of the candidates have each been ahead of Mitt Romney in the polls at some point, Maher said, "Mitt Romney must feel like Casey Anthony in a Chuck E. Cheese."

He also joked about Herman Cain wearing a "pimp hat" in the midst of a sexual harassment scandal.

Maher was strictly anti-Republican on the show. Although he has criticized Obama in the past, he didn't during this appearance. Maher declared his full support for Obama, blaming the Republicans for making him run into Obama's arms.

There was no balance whatsoever. It was like a campaign commercial produced by the DNC. That was the problem.

I should have just turned it off.


Here's video:

Note: The religion discussion took place before the "Part 1" video begins. Watch it by viewing the interview via the full episode here.

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Music Piano said...

I was offended too. I am Catholic. What a jerk Bill M. is. I guess the M in mahr is for MORON.