Friday, February 17, 2012

Paul's Pantry and Planned Parenthood

Dan O'Donnell, 620 WTMJ, reports that a Green Bay food pantry has come under attack by Planned Parenthood allies.

Paul's Pantry, a Catholic organization, "politely" declined to accept food donations from Planned Parenthood, largest provider of abortions in the country.

Instead of simply giving the food to another group, the forces of Planned Parenthood went into total Modern Warfare mode.

From Dan O'Donnell:

Paul's Pantry, a Catholic food bank in Green Bay affiliated with the St. Vincent De Paul Society, politely declined a food donation from Planned Parenthood on February 2nd.

"We were stunned when Paul's Food Pantry declined our donation," said Wisconsin Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Lisa Boyce.

Paul's Pantry would not speak on the record about why it declined the donation, but almost immediately after it did, at 11:42 am on February 2nd, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin posted this message on its Facebook page:

"Paul's Pantry refused our food donations collected by our area health center to help combat local hunger. This level of extremism impeding individual access to essential health care and now food is outrageous and must be stopped."

"This level of extremism impeding individual access to essential health care and now food is outrageous and must be stopped."

Do you know what's extreme?


Planned Parenthood has no moral authority on the matter of health care and feeding the poor when its main purpose is to kill.

Four hours later, the national liberal blog The Daily Kos picked up on the post, writing:

"Apparently, Paul's Pantry's current needy guests would refuse food from abortion providers for fear that the food may contain fetuses."

"The world has gone insane, but methinks I know why this topic is coming up now. It's 'squirrel' politics time again."

"I refer to squirrel politics as the distraction from the real problem. I believe that the Republicans, especially Rove and co, know they are on a loser this year. And they want to make Planned Parenthood the cause celeb this year, something to gin up their base with and avoid talking about eliminating medicare and social security."

The site then instructs readers to "Call these a-holes" and lists the names and phone numbers of all of Paul's Pantry's executives.

"Let's shower this POS with our calls," the post's author continues. "I have left a message. So should all of you. Maybe this is a distraction, but much is at stake-a woman's right to choose."

And not to mention the poor and their hunger are being used as political chips by the callous right. Pro-life. Bulls***."

When the Daily Kos crowd gets involved, it's going to get brutal.

Daily Kos, of course, is a radical Leftist website endorsed by the likes of Russ Feingold, the pro-infanticide former U.S. senator from Wisconsin. Daily Kos oozes some of the most extreme and vile commentary on the Internet.

This call to harass executives of Paul's Pantry is crazy.

Instead of demanding that this Catholic food bank accept donations from the Planned Parenthood abortion mill, why don't these Leftists collect food or cut checks and give the donations to another Green Bay area food bank?

Obviously, the concern here is not serving the poor or caring for the suffering.

The Planned Parenthood army wants to discredit the Catholic Church as extreme.

Instead of respecting the religious beliefs of the sponsors of Paul's Pantry, the pro-abortionists go ballistic.

Paul's Pantry CHOSE not to accept the donation from Planned Parenthood.

There was no notice posted on the Internet by Paul's Pantry to harass Planned Parenthood executives, no call to arms.

It simply declined the offer. Certainly, Green Bay has more than one food pantry. Planned Parenthood could have turned to one of them. Nope. That would be too sensible and decent. Planned Parenthood saw an opportunity to attack Catholics and jumped on it.

Bottom line: CHOICE is only an option for the Planned Parenthood minions when the CHOICE aligns with their agenda - the killing of the unborn.

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