Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chris Larson: Disorderly Conduct

On his radio program yesterday afternoon, Mark Belling shared information about an incident involving Chris Larson, the new Democrat minority leader in the Wisconsin State Senate.

It's yet another case of Larson behaving badly.

We know he's a crook. That's documented.

We know he conducts himself in a very uncivil manner when referring to his colleagues in the Senate.

We have case after case of his immaturity, mental instability, and overall poor character.

Larson, the new Dem leader, has had numerous scrapes with the law.

Belling told his audience about the unhinged Larson's disorderly conduct arrest on May 21, 2004.

Relatively speaking, that's not terribly long ago. At the time of the incident, Larson was an adult. He can't chalk up his behavior as some youthful indiscretion.

Larson's car was towed for a parking violation on N. Bartlett Avenue, on the east side of Milwaukee.

At 9:45 in the morning, the tow truck driver hooked up Larson's car, which was in a tow-away zone. Larson came out, "yelling and screaming and jumped into the vehicle after it had been hooked up to the tow."

The car was hooked up and Larson actually got in the car! He refused to get out. As the tow truck driver pulled away, headed for the tow lot on the south side, around 38th and Lincoln, Larson was honking his horn the entire time.

It's not a short trip from Bartlett to Lincoln. Larson threw a lengthy tantrum. He wouldn't get out of the car until the police were called. Larson received a citation for disorderly conduct for his honking hissy fit.

What a loon!

This is not normal. Honking the horn all the way from Bartlett to Lincoln?

I've seen plenty of cars being towed. I've never seen a person in the car, honking the horn continuously.

How bizarre!

Why haven't the media informed the public about Larson's antics?

Now that Larson is the minority leader in Wisconsin's Senate and he's in a high profile position of authority, I think it's appropriate for these incidents to be discussed.

On Tuesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about the Republicans' amazement that Larson was chosen to lead the Democrats, "Republicans poke fun at new Democratic leader in Senate."

Not one word about Larson's shoplifting and disorderly conduct was included.

Why would the Journal Sentinel omit that?

He's a Democrat.


Listen to audio.


capper said...

Funny how your accusations don't show up on any court records.

Mary said...

What's funny?

Are you suggesting the Journal Sentinel report is a fabrication, that Larson wasn't arrested for shoplifting?

That's funny, since Larson himself admits he did engage in retail theft.

Did Larson have his arrests expunged from his record?

Regarding Larson's retail theft arrest in March 2000, the Journal Sentinel reported, "As part of a deal reached with a Municipal Court judge, Larson agreed to take a course in exchange for having the ordinance violation dropped, [Larson] said."

What kind of course would the judge deem fitting that the ordinance violation would be dropped under the "deal"?

I guess the adult Larson had to take a course to teach him not to steal. As an adult, he had to be taught to be a respectable person.

The Dem Senate minority leader needed remedial education on how to be a law-abiding citizen. Do you think that's funny?

Anonymous said...

Capper, they call it Wisconsin CIRCUIT Court Access for a reason. Municipal cases aren't reported to it.

Rob Crawford said...

I guess the adult Larson had to take a course to teach him not to steal

Since he's gone into politics as a Democrat, the lesson apparently didn't take.

Mary said...

So true.

capper said...

What's funny is how you're trying to make a capital crime out of stealing a candy bar more than a decade ago, but ignore that your beloved Scott Walker was funding the defense of a convicted felon to cover up his own crimes.

Your sense of proportion is a bit skewed, to say the least.

Mary said...

Walker is covering up "his own crimes"?

That sounds a bit unhinged, to say the least.

capper said...

Well, the news of the week proved me correct. It is unhinged to deny that any crimes were committed or Walker was involved. Care to apologize now?

BigBen88 said...

This is good, but I know so much more. Like the underage drinking party he held as a member of the college dems at UWM in 2005, the girl he pretty much stalked around the same time, that he's a Buddhist. He also worked very closely with Russ Rudens, the UWM student association president who stole something like $10k from the school...