Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chris Larson - Shoplifter, Dem Senate Minority Leader

Chris Larson of Milwaukee is now the leader of the Democrats in the Wisconsin State Senate.


From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Democrats in the state Senate elected 32-year-old freshman Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee as minority leader on Tuesday -- a surprise decision that Republicans instantly cheered.

Larson was first elected to the Senate in 2010 after beating a more conservative Democrat in a primary and since then has been a reliable part of the caucus's liberal wing. With his relative youth and inexperience, some Republicans immediately signalled Tuesday that they thought he would be ineffective as a leader.

"Obviously, I'm new," Larson said in a brief interview after the caucus vote. "But I think I've made that up in the work that I've done over the last two years speaking up and speaking to the issues that matter to our constituency, the middle class, the people who are blue-collar workers."
Larson was elected on November 2, 2010, when Wisconsin elected Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Sen. Ron Johson and a slew of other Republicans. He's only been in the State Senate for two years, and much of that time was spent doing interviews on MSNBC. Larson runs to cameras, whether national or local. He had the audacity to consider himself a hero for going AWOL, running away to Illinois.

Without question, Larson has a massive ego.

Almost nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the Democrats, but the choice of Larson is surprising.

He's inexperienced. He's an extremely extreme liberal, which is probably why Larson is so loved by the likes of the foul-mouthed, misogynistic Ed Schultz and other MSNBC/NBC wingnuts.

Larson is also a crook. Literally.

Larson's illegal activities didn't bother voters when he successfully ran in 2008, to become Milwaukee County supervisor for the 14th District.

Larson's criminal past didn't bother Milwaukee voters two years later when he challenged incumbent Jeff Plale, vying for the 7th District seat. Milwaukee voters chose Larson to represent them in the State Senate.

Now, the crook, darling of the radical Left media, has been chosen to be the Democrat minority leader in the Wisconsin State Senate.

I can understand why Senate Republicans are pleased.

Let's dip into Larson's larcenous past.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 2008:

Christopher Larson is a 27-year-old business manager for a series of sports stores who is the favorite to win a seat on the County Board.

But things were much different in March 2000.

Larson was a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and, by his own description, struggling to make ends meet.

That's when he was busted for retail theft.

"I made a dumb mistake," Larson said Friday.

The details of the case are fuzzy. He said he was caught stealing food from a Milwaukee grocery store. He said he can't remember exactly which items he tried to obtain with a five-finger discount. A copy of the city ticket, which carried a $331 fine, and the court file were not available late Friday.

As part of a deal reached with a Municipal Court judge, Larson agreed to take a course in exchange for having the ordinance violation dropped, he said. Asserting that he has not stolen anything since, he credited the situation with "completely turning me around."

Asked if voters should take this matter into consideration when voting April 1, Larson said he didn't think so because he has changed so much in the past eight years. Larson, a political liberal, scored a surprisingly easy victory in the five-way primary contest to replace longtime Supervisor Richard Nyklewicz Jr. in the south-side district.

"Everybody makes dumb mistakes," Larson said. "It happened so long ago."

His opponent, Steven Kraeger, said he was shocked to hear about Larson's run-in with the law. He said he was not the source of an anonymous letter to No Quarter containing an official summary of the case.

Kraeger, a 50-year-old conservative, said he thought the matter should be made public. But he would leave it to the voters to decide its relevance and importance.
So Larson is a crook. He doesn't think it's a big deal. He minimizes it. "Everybody makes dumb mistakes." True, we all make mistakes, but we all most definitely do NOT commit crimes like Larson.

He's also a flamethrower, regularly spewing incendiary rhetoric. Larson is not someone likely to work well with the Republicans.

He's childish and disrespectful. He would take to Twitter to rant and rave.

For example, from March 3, 2011, when Larson and his Dem comrades fled the state to avoid doing their jobs:

How does the guy thwarting the democratic process respond to the Republicans' resolution to hold him and his colleagues in contempt of the Senate?

He vilifies and denigrates Republicans.

Larson tweets:

...and Senate Republicans have officially gone 'round the bend. Next up, dropping puppies from the top of the Capitol onto protestors.

Expecting elected officials to remain in the state to do what they were elected to do, serve as legislators, is NOT akin to "dropping puppies from the top of the Capitol."

What a sick thing to imagine!

Yes, that's Chris Larson, the Senate Democrats' chosen leader.

Their selection of Larson tells you all you need to know about the mindset of the Dems and the path they intend to take.


More lunacy from the deviant Larson, on TV and Twitter.

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And I know Republican Senators with illegitimate children that they don't acknowledge. Want me to name names?