Friday, November 16, 2012

John McCain Misses Benghazi Briefing

Obama and his allies, the media Leftists, are trashing John McCain because he dared to challenge Obama about Benghazi. He dared to speak up.

Naturally, the New York Times attacks McCain, punishing him for demanding accountability on the part of Obama and his surrogates.

The Leftists are crucifying McCain, criticizing him for missing a briefing on Benghazi.

Poor John McCain. The senior senator from Arizona, former presidential candidate and general Republican big-man-in-Washington was so busy on Wednesday complaining about President Obama’s handling of the Benghazi mission killings that he just didn’t have time to do his actual job and attend a hearing on the Benghazi mission killings.

Mr. McCain has said he wants to get to the bottom of what he seems absolutely certain was a catastrophic bungling of the Libyan situation by Mr. Obama and his team. He is proposing holding “Watergate-style” hearings on the matter, with lots of witnesses and of course, lots of television cameras.

But yesterday, when the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee received a classified briefing on the Benghazi issue, Mr. McCain was absent. His spokesman Brian Rogers blamed a “scheduling error.”
CNN's Dana Bash is also slamming McCain. Wolf Blitzer joins in the fun.

Here's video:

Good grief.

This Benghazi cover-up is a disgrace.

The story should not be about McCain's attendance at a briefing, especially given that Obama, the PRESIDENT, doesn't bother to show up for his daily intelligence briefings.

The liberal media didn't care about the revelation that Obama was MIA for his PDB, attending only about 38 percent. No, of course not. They're much more concerned about McCain missing one briefing on Benghazi.

Obama, as always, relies on the lib media to support his narrative and they're eager to oblige.

It's outrageous.

Instead of digging for answers about Obama's handling of Benghazi, they're berating McCain.

Sometimes, I really can't believe how over-the-top the media are when it comes to the lengths they go to protect their beloved leader, Obama.

I can't believe how shamelessly they play the race card.

What Susan Rice did, giving the American people false information on five Sunday shows in one day, has nothing to do with the color of her skin or her gender. Obama sent her out to lie about Benghazi. Maybe she didn't know she was deceiving Americans, but she did play a part in an orchestrated cover-up. Her race and sex have nothing to do with McCain wanting the truth about the 9/11/12 Benghazi attack.

The racial BS from the Leftists drives me nuts.

Dana Bash reported how a "Democratic source" framed McCain and Lindsey Graham's call for an investigation into the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. The source wants the focus of the story to be on the Republicans attacking Susan Rice, framing it in racial terms.
DANA BASH: I talked to a good Democratic source here asking, "Do you think if she is nominated you could overcome a filibuster?" The answer was yes, and I'd have to tell you this, that this source said, 'If anybody wants to watch two old white guys,' speaking of course of Graham and McCain, 'beat up on a black woman, I'll sell tickets to that.' So there is politics all around here.
I am so sick of this "old white guys" stuff.

We had a terrorist attack on our consulate. We have four Americans killed. And Obama and his allies are deflecting from the legitimate concerns about that terrorist attack by turning the issue into a racial attack on Susan Rice.


In reality, the Leftists have turned being white into a fatal flaw. It's crazy. Being white is not a crime.

Furthermore, Lindsey Graham is not exactly old. He's six years older than Obama. Is Obama an "old half-white, half-black guy"? (Sounds offensive, doesn't it?)

I never heard Ted Kennedy marginalized as an "old white guy." Bill Clinton is 66. No one is beating up on him for being an "old white guy."

Harry Reid is about to turn 73. When he would beat up on Condoleezza Rice, his age and race never were discussed as factoring into his motivation.

Do the Leftists realize how inconsistent their remarks are when it comes to age and race?

Do they realize how ridiculous they appear for bashing McCain for missing a single meeting when Obama habitually relies on his "Sgt. Schultz" routine?


jimspice said...

But the fact remains, McCain blew off a Benghazi informational briefing to hold a press conference to complain he had not been sufficiently briefed on Benghazi. How the irony escapes you is beyond me.

Mary said...

So often you miss my point.

Don't you get it?

Alexis Marlons said...

You're right jimspice. Maybe if he was not so concentrating on complaining, he would've been there..