Friday, November 9, 2012

Romney Transition Website

Oh, what might have been!

From the New York Daily News:

Mitt Romney may have lost the White House, but for a brief time Wednesday a transition website went live — calling him "President-Elect" and offering Americans a view of a presidency that might have been.

The site was only up temporarily, but screen grabs preserved by show Romney's team was ready to roll with information about the Jan. 21 presidential inauguration and future Cabinet nominees.

...SolutionStream, the Utah-based company that designed the site, didn't say why the mock-up went live, but confirmed it was ready to go if Romney had defeated President Obama on Tuesday. The former governor of Massachusetts fell short of beating the President, who was marching closer to winning Florida on Thursday and bringing his electoral vote count to 332 vs. Romney’s 206.

Jason Thelin, an owner of SolutionStream, told The Huffington Post that the site was a “tiny” project and was thrown together in a day and a half.

His company was contacted by Romney transition volunteers about 10 days before the election, he said.

After The Huffington Post inquired about the site Wednesday, it was soon taken down.

According to Politico, Romney’s transition team — called “The Readiness Project” — was being led by Mike Leavitt, the former Health and Human Services secretary under President George W. Bush and a former Utah governor. Romney’s campaign had not been eager to talk about his transition plans before the election.

But the website gave a sense of what Romney would have done had he won.

“On his first day in office, Mitt Romney will issue an executive order that paves the way for the federal government to issue Affordable Care Act waivers to all 50 states,” according to a section called “Repealing the Affordable Care Act.” “He will then work with Congress to repeal the full legislation as quickly as possible.”
Oh, my God.

EVERYTHING could have been so different.

Instead of this overwhelming, all-encompassing sense of impending doom, I'd be hopeful and optimistic and so relieved.

You know that feeling of relief you have when a crisis is averted, when your worst fears vanish?

What might have been, what might have been.

It was possible, but a few million Republican voters shamefully decided to sit this one out.

If transforming America was their intent, congratulations to them. Their goal is on the road to realization.

In Obama strongholds, the turnout was massive. In the city Milwaukee, 87 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

That's close to the sort of voter turnout Saddam Hussein would get.

Dramatically more Milwaukeeans voted in 2012 than in 2008!

Eighty-seven percent turnout is better than attendance on a given day in some failing Milwaukee Public High Schools, with 60 percent truancy.

I don't understand why people came out in droves to obstruct a change in leadership that would have brought back jobs and prosperity and respect for our most fundamental freedoms. Loyalty to Obama is nice but voting for failure is not smart. Voting for free stuff is stunningly short-sighted.

Some Americans really love free contraceptives and abortion on demand, don't they?

Economic growth? Jobs?

Who cares?  Working is for chumps.



jimspice said...

"...all-encompassing sense of impending doom..."

You never disappoint Cindy.

Mary said...


ALH said...

President Obama owns the executive branch.
He owns the Senate.
He owns the economy.
He owns the fiscal cliff.
He owns the unemployment level.
He owns his foreign policy, including Benghazi.
He owns healthcare.
He owns the stock market
He owns (and we owe) the $16 trillion in debt that will be over $20 trillion by 2016. No more George Bush strawman to blame (not that he won't try)

If things are getting better over the next four years, then it will be a triumph for him. It will be a triumph for liberals and liberal policies. Our country will presumably be better off if his policies are the right ones.

But -
Given the past four years when he didn't lead on the economy or on balancing the budget, or reducing the debt...I share Mary's sense of impending doom. I am hunkering down financially and looking out for my family. My generosity to others in terms of charitable giving will be cut almost completely. It's terrible to say it, but since more than half of the people are relying on Big Gov to take care of their every need ...they will get what they voted for.